The powerful 7 steps to make your 1 crore in 12 months as passive income.

The beauty of Rich people is they do not work hard for money. Instead Money works hard for them, so how does that happen? This post will take some time to read. I urge you to completely read this to know this passive income method.
They understand the concept of passive income sincerely.
If you have a business, that makes 2 lakhs per month, it takes you 50 months (4 years) to make 1 crore.
If you make 8 lakhs a month, you nearly make 1 crore in a year.
Now point is, these numbers are neatly achievable. The challenge is it is active income. Your presence during the operating hours of business is required. This makes it active income.
Most business hit 1 crore in 12 months’ mark. Yet it is still active income.
The True meaning of Rich is abundance. Rich people of abundance of time. They own their time. They have lots of money. They have lot of knowledge, love and compassion. They have big hearts. Also, they have passive income plan. They can make money even while they are sleeping. So who is earning the money here for them? The answer is Money.
Until you are rich by earning majority of your income as passive income, you cannot really enjoy being rich. This is the difference between people having lots of money and rich people.
Rich people have the liberty of time, free will, abundance of wealth that is created even while they are sleeping, quality relationships, peak fitness and strong health, fun, adventure and great service and contribution to humanity and planet. That is the real definition of being rich. Rich does not mean having lots of money. Rich means being abundant in everything you can have.
The Passive Income building Secrets of the Rich are simple following of these steps. Knowing this can powerfully put you in mindset of the rich people. Once you master these powerful steps you get immediate business strategies to increase your business income cash flow – that too passively!
So let us discuss ways of breaking your active business into a passive business model.
1. First step is Business Systemization
A system means a set of steps which done will always give a specific result only. Business systemization means putting all your tasks, processes and operations in an organized way such that it the result is always profit and value.
You can have an active business and still be a passive owner if you systemize your business. Set your business in a manner where your presence is minimized or least required. You will begin to own your time.
2. Business Dash boarding
If you analyze your business, there are few number or performance indicators which require monitoring. There are few ratios and reports that will help you understand how soon your customers buy, how the cash flow increases, how fast you close business deal and how does your sales and marketing perform.
Any business can analyze to find these metrics and develop a neat and automated business dashboard. A dashboard is set of data, report and visualization that easily helps you make meaning out of data. Even if you are a small business owner, these insights can help you make quick decisions for business improvement.
3. Marketing and Sales Systemization
You make money when you sell in business not when you make products or look at business dashboards. All Business process must work together to achieve the specific result called profits with value. Marketing and Sales Automation means with a simple routine you can get customers. Automating these two processes can make you feel as if you have the power to make money anytime you want – just like that. Want more, scale it up and create your own wealth. It is here you will begin to great influx of cash flow.
4. Customer Service and People Relationship
All business is relationship with people. If you are genuinely concerned about solving people’s problem with your product or service, then it will resonate across all your business organization. Whether small or medium sizes I super-sized, heavy focus on customers, wellbeing, adding value to their lives and solving their problem will change how you develop your products and administer your business, treat you customers, train your staff and sell your products. Selling fast food or smartphones, this is foundation of great business model.
Books, Music, Video games, apps and DVDs have changed the way publishing industry works. These categories of business just require one-time effort. Thereafter, they keep earning royalties with time. That is a great passive income source.
Any business can be thought of as an information business. Once you learn to see this perspective, you can leverage BMVAD techniques to make your passive income sources multiply.
6. Investment options
Investment in mutual funds, stock options and secured options yield returns with time. It takes any money to double 6-7 years of time doing nothing. When you have a crore to invest and you can make another crore by doing nothing in a definite period of time. That is power of compound interest. The interest you reap upon maturity can again be reinvested to keep multiplying your wealth. This is the millionaire’s secret.
7. Service – Give it back and pay it forward
You cannot be rich if you cannot give. This is a universal law. Only that is empty can accumulate. You must stand for a cause and contribute money, effort or time for this cause. Your ability to make money has purpose. When you stand for a cause and fulfil it, you become a better accumulator of wealth.
All rich people understand the importance of giving. Giving magnifies your wealth. Giving is great income multiplier. STAND for a cause and experience the bliss of giving and sharing. You will truly know to believe that you can be rich.
When you put these 7 steps as a business overhaul plan, you can accomplish the goal of hitting a crore in 12 months. Most people are capable of earning this kind of money. Yet they do not do the things that can create wealth. They do not want to systemize their business because are afraid to learn, or lazy to postpone or simply not interested.
If you invest effort, create a discipline of learning and dedicate time for business development and learning, any business skill can be learnt and implement. It IS THE ONE WHO BELIEVES THAT ACHIEVES.
There are set of secret ways that can be learnt together which can make you rich too.
Becoming Rich is joyful adventure. It requires you to manage your mind, focus, thoughts, beliefs, people, work, time, business and of course money. We have put together a neat learning course that educates you on how to manage your vital resources like mentioned here, to channelize and become rich.
These we call as “the practical and spiritual secrets of becoming rich”. This is like a school curriculum to become rich. And here is what you get in this course:
1. Learning to think like the rich.
2. You will learn how to maintain relationships with people. How rich people value people and spend time is different from others.
3. You will learn how to work like the rich people do. Rich people do not work hard for money. They work hard for their passion, cause and mission. Instead their money works hard for them.
4. You will learn the belief systems that make rich people rich. Very powerful.
5. You will learn how to manage time like rich people. Business, life, love, play, adventure, family and service – well they have time for everything. They are owners of their time. Hence they have everything in abundance. They are rich. Learn these time management secrets.
6. Learn the work principles of rich people. They work differently. Thy are never stressed out of their work. They manage life differently because their working principles are privy only to 3% of world’s population.
This is powerful learning system put together for anybody interested in becoming rich and unleash abundance of it in their life.
Who can take this course?
If you are a student, you certainly need this course.
If you are a mother or housewife, this course can empower your financial independence.
If you are a business owner struggling to get customers, yet know deep down that you deserve better income flow, then this is for you
If you are simply interested in installing passive income methods, then this course is for you.
If you are seriously interested in installing the millionaire habits, then this courses for you
If you would like to live the rest of your life – thinking like rich, operating business like the rich and celebrating a complete life like the rich – this course is the science + art + psychology behind becoming rich.
This is the most complete learning system put together for you. If you are interested in taking this course, please ping us on WhatsApp at +91 9059 949 657.


10 Steps use law of attraction for money attraction?


  1. Law of Attraction cannot be used. It should be followed
  2. You must beleive you can attract financial wealth irrespective of your current financial circumstances.
  3. Once you beleive, have an open mind to learn anything about money making. Rich Minds are strong and consistent learners.
  4. You will begin to see signs of wealth attraction. People, books, courses, oppurtunities, events, meetings leading to financial wealth will be drawn towards you. Listen to them and accept them for your advantage
  5. Raise your willpower to do anything required to create money. whether it is becoming punctual to doing the most toughest job – say yes, start it and do not quit until you finish. Remember Willpower!
  6. Have a great self esteem. You will only attract what you beleive you deserve. So do more, think big, fail more, rise again and achieve more. Bigger self esteem equals greater risk takinga bility and greater actions so greater results of wealth attraction
  7. Develop the habit of consistency. What you do regularly becomes your frequency and you attract things of that frequency. Do money making, money saving and money investing habits. You attract more wealth.
  8. Awareness. People who are aware of money making oppurtunities simply make more money than you or me. So become teh kind of business man who is hungruy to learn all the business oppurtunities that is available out there and chooses the best one for this advanatage.
  9. Have fun with money you earn. Spend it on yoruself. Treat you and your loved ones with care, love, amenties and respect. Teach them that money is not the root of all eveil. Money is a loving energy and can be used to build happiness. (WHOEVER said money cannot buy happiness is harming your financial blueprint. Million dollars can enable to help thousands of people in very profound ways. Money can of course buy happiness for those people.)
  10. Give it back to society. Develop the habit of service. Make it a point to help the people around you with money. help the needy, homeless, under privileged with your money. Build a better planet.

Note that all of these habits can be followed right now. Do not let “I do not have enough money to buy/invest/save/give” fool you.


Yoru intention to save, invest, buy and give will be listened by the universe. And it shall send your resources and oppurtunities to learn and build wealth for yourself. Follow these 10 Steps to become Rich. This is how I did.


Becoming RICH requires 100% Focus, Dedication to your craft and a determined will to finish what you start. Rich people are focused on the end result. Therefore it becomes hard for them to give up. This week are you in your best form yet? To become a millionaire, break your goals down to becoming a half millionaire, to become earn you first crore rupees, to earn a monthly income of 8 lakh per month, to earn a daily income of 33k per day. So what are the activities in your routine that can yield that 33k per day is what will get you to your first 1 crore. From there when you make it 30 times bigger you are a half millionaire. Double that you are a millionaire. Start working on your daily blueprint today. You can become a millionaire in specified time span. Question do you remember your end result or not?


I am conducting Rich Minds workshop this SUNDAY, Jan 17, 2016. This workshop talks about the science and psychology behind getting rich. Just like what I have shared above, there are 21 principles of becoming rich. This workshop is priced at 2k. This is the guideline for how to develop a mindset like the millionaires do.

Expected Outcomes of this Life changing Session

  1. Your mind has poor recorded views on Money and Finance. This shall be corrected.
  2. How your current financial health is a direct result of that poor Financial Mindset shall be made realized
  3. Understanding the secrets of Law of Attraction for financial Abundance
  4. Comprehending the true meaning of Being Rich and preparing yourself to raise your financial blueprint
  5. Understanding how it feels like and how your thinking changes after raising the Financial Blueprint
  6. Sustaining the Abundant Mindset
  7. Manifestation set up process for your upgraded financial Goals
  8. Meeting a Divine Power which will leave you with boundless possibilities of financial wealth. Good news – it is already within you. We help you meet it!


An absolutely powerful way to shatter your mind and teach how to think like rich in just one day.

This Workshop is certainly for you!

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Wishing you loads of Abundance and Gratitude

Trainer Venkat

Founder, Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy


How to become rich with these 3 thinking principles


97% of the population is poor or middle class. 3% of the population is made of millionaire and billionaires. Now these numbers also lead most people to believe that rich people must be big, powerful and evil. And that’s plain wrong. In contrast, Rich People are good people. In fact Rich people are the nicest, warmest and the most pleasant people.

The misconception that rich people are high looters or evil comes from the stigma that rich control everything. Rich People are very few and poor and middle class population is huge. This arbitrarily makes most ‘assume’ that Rich people control the rest of the world. In fact Rich People influence the world in the most meaningful way.

Interestingly, Rich people do not think of money. Rich people think of creating value. Rich People follow a Universal Secret. It is called Giving to become empty. Rich People give more. They give more money, more time, more work so that they can become emptier with respect to Universe. Universe conspires events to fill in this gap. Therefore the rich get filled with Money, Love, Health, Peace, Fun, Service and Adventure. Since they give more, they receive more. In fact they receive abundantly. Rich people are not people with lots of money. Rich means they have lots of everything! They are abundant. They have Rich Mind.



Ever read quotes that say, Money not everything, Teach your kids value of love not value of money, Money cannot buy you happiness, Money is root of all evil, The rich plunder the poor, It is better to be kind hearted than money minded person. In context of Law of Attraction, repeating such thoughts in subconscious mind actually keeps you away from gaining wealth.


Rich people see money as loving energy that can help them take care of their family members in more meaningful and profound ways. Money is an energy to build better lives for people. Money as energy can raise life standards of people who they love, live and work with. Rich people understand they want love and money. They do not talk with limited mindset stating Love is enough. Remember they think BIG. They think in the language of having both at the same time. They think abundantly.


To Become Rich you must believe that you deserve to be rich in the first place. Any limiting belief will only rob you of your wealth. The key to strong Financial Health is having a RICH MINDSET. Be a Rich Mind and join the elite 3%.

These principles can unleash great opportunities for you. Work and channelize your best faculties of energy knowledge and time on the Highest priorities. Live World class Life today.


I welcome you to the Rich Minds Workshop.


Rich Minds – How to think like a Millionaire Master Class Workshop

Sunday, January 10, 2016 Starts at 10.00 AM

Duration: 5-6 hrs (2x 15min breaks + 1hr lunch break)

Skype Workshop

Made available at $30 or Rs. 2000/-

Expected Outcomes of this Life changing Session

1. Your mind has poor recorded views on Money and Finance. This shall be corrected.

2. How your current financial health is a direct result of that poor Financial Mindset shall be made realized

3. Understanding the secrets of Law of Attraction for financial Abundance

4. Comprehending the true meaning of Being Rich and preparing yourself to raise your financial blueprint

5. Understanding how it feels like and how your thinking changes after raising the Financial Blueprint

6. Sustaining the Abundant Mindset

7. Manifestation set up process for your upgraded financial Goals

8. Meeting a Divine Power which will leave you with boundless possibilities of financial wealth. Good news – it is already within you. We help you meet it!

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Middle Class to Millionaire to Multi-Millionaire. Read on to find the wisdom behind this.


Alexander had a mentor

Gandhi had a mentor

Einstein had a mentor who he would meet every Tuesday


To become a billionaire you need to have multi billionaire as your mentor

To become a millionaire, you need a multi-millionaire to be your mentor

To become better than where you are, you need a mentor who is already ahead of you and is willing to take you upwards in life. That’s the secret behind exceptionally successful people.

Robin Sharma, Harv Eker, Bernard Burchard, Rich Litvin, Steve Chandler, Ekalavya have all been my mentors. And I owe it all my teachers I met in life to my wealth of knowledge, money, experience, memories and material that I own. In short I would not have been as succesful and rich as I am today without these mentors along my way. I still do have mentors for physical fitness, mental toughness, Business Coaching, Relationship Wisdom and Emotional Intelligence.


I shall share briefly why you should have a mentor. Second I shall share my initiative to offer Life Coaching in my capacity as a mentor.


You can learn how to trade stocks like Ray Dahlio or Warren Buffet. You learn to fight like a UFC fighter. You can learn to build your financial freedom by raising from average to million dollars a year. You can get the love of your life. You can create the most loving place to work. You can become adept at any skill you want to.

Without a teacher, without a guru, without the mentor leading into light of such knowledge is not possible. I would not have become mentally tough and resilient if I was not coached by Robin Sharma. I would not have learnt how to raise my financial blueprint (which sky rocketed my earning ability) if Harv Eker had not taught me about thinking like a millionaire and operating business like a millionaire. I would not have established a prosperous high charging coaching business if I were not coached on successful high dollar coaching by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler. They were ahead of me. They were willing to mentor me. They were willing to change me. I was hungry to change to succeed and I did.


So to deliver on my first promise how can you get a mentor or go ahead like the mentors is you read a book a day.

Now reading a book a day is near impossible for many people. So the solution is a beautiful website or app that I have stumbled upon called Blinkist. Website at


Blinkist helps you to read a book in just 15 minutes a day. Just 15 minutes!

Imagine how ahead you, your business, your life, you relationships, your spiritual growth or emotional intelligence would benefit with this kind of learning. In less than 2 weeks I have finished reading 11 books. Great Impact there!


Download your Blinkist using the link below:


Now allow me to deliver my second promise. In my capacity as founder of Avi Peron Life Academy I have been instructing people, coaching them, consulting businesses, challenging members, developing free and paid courses, blogs and YouTube content and so on.


I have realised that needs come in many sizes and one size does not fit all. Therefore I have combined most of my trainings and offerings into a LIFE COACHING PROGRAM Called the MASTER’S CIRCLE.

Here you shall be coached on

How to live a productive life?

How to develop a fit body?

How to develop mental Resilience of a tiger?

How to operate business like a millionaires (this one personally changed my life)

How to operate business to establish a world class brand?

How to become spiritually awakening?

How to develop your abundance score?

How to become more emotionally intelligent?

How to become the kind of person who is learning faster, changing after, adapting faster and generating 10x more money, more impact, more time and more life.

How to become financially free?

How to deal with office or neighbourhood politics successfully?

How to use power, knowledge, skill, influence and confidence for maximum life performance?

How to raise kids so that they can listen positively?

How to raise kids who would develop into Life stars

How to manage life, stress, work, goals and relationships beautifully?

How can you begin to impact the world immediately today?

How to seek direction in life?


Well such are the questions that any leaner seeking mentor has in their minds. So one course would not offer solutions to all the problems. However, a mentor ahead of you can lead you into light. Mentors help you become success icon and ensure you keep up with the same life performance for repeat success.


Master’s Circle is a sincere Life Coaching Club meant only for 16 learners. They shall be mentored primarily on Personal Development, Business Operations and Relations Wisdom. In short a school for maximum life performance.

So having a life coach to whom you can approach with any problem and return home with solutions. This is how my mentors impacted and I am paying it forward with the same model.


Master’s Circle is a premium service provided 4-5 times a month as a coaching call + mentorship discussion in a 16 member group coaching format. It is available at 20,000/- a year (huge discount here) or Rs. 3000/- a month. Topics for each coaching call would specifically address the participating member’s life problem. This is not a training club, this is a coaching club. At Coaching we are serious about results.



To get an understanding of how different is Mentoring, you can watch this video where How to solve life problems automatically is discussed.

Click now to download.


If you believe you need a mentor to lead your life in the right direction, this is for you. 2 seats have already been booked. To know more about Master’s Circle ping me on WhatsApp at +91 9059 949 657. Let us schedule to talk about this.


How law of attraction can help you to attract someone into your life? (Yes! It is possible)


Law of attraction simply states you attract what you think. Can a particular person be attracted in our life with the help of this law? This is a frequent question ringing in many leaners mind. In today’s article I shall answer this exact question in my capacity as a sincere Law of Attraction Teacher.

First of all the answer is YES, you can attract somebody into your life. How? Listen to the first statement – you attract what you think.

When we are initially attracted towards somebody that’s the first sign. Later, this feeling develops into crush and evolves into a stronger emotion called Love. Love is one of the greatest forces of attraction. As all of this happens, listen to your thoughts. Which though is running mostly in your mind?

The crush is a figment of your attraction. However, if you want to have this person in your life because you like him or her, that’s is not how it works.


First, your lover has their own light. They shine in this universe with their own living signature. If you cannot be lit by their light, you cannot attract that person. Your emotions are just fueled by your loose imagination but not true love.

However on the other hand, true love learns to seek this person out with absolute acceptance. BECAUSE they begin to see your acceptance as a welcoming sign to let them shine even brighter. Thus, they attract you while you love them.

Law of attractions says like attracts like. In relationships most of the times we are thinking about how this person should become my spouse. So therefore Universe will bless you with a person who is more responding to your thoughts. Oftentimes leaners confuse their crush to be this person in their head and secretly wish they could get married to this person. What happens in such cases you attarct a diffeent person who is exactly like what your dominat thoughts are describing instead of your lover.

While the Universal Truth is you can attract any person in your life when you are accepting them as who they are. When you allow them to light your soul up, you become one with them. You do not approach this person with preformed beliefs, expectations and rigid structures of thinking or societal norms. You simply see their inner light.

So in true love, the person loving is willing to change first to accommodate the light of their lover. How can you ever have a person in your life whose freedom of being is not accepted by you?

Most people fail in attracting somebody in life because they are still THINKING about how this person should behave, be and live in their life. Rather they should be thinking of How can I truly love this person as they are and allow myself to be change. How can I allow them to freely express That change is law of attraction.

So here are the steps to summarize what you just learnt

  1. Allow your lover to be who they are, that’s why you loved them in the first place.
  2. Do not keep thinking about how this person should be with you. (you love him or her because of how they are today, if you change them, you are going to be with a different person)
  3. Rather allow yourself to be influenced by their inner light and make space for their freedom within you. (you will immediately see the person drawn towards you affectionatetely)
  4. Accept them for who they are. (Do not measure the inner light of their soul with societal beliefs, thinking constructs and their past life).
  5. Relationships are like trees. Nourish them with TIME, LOVE, CARE, and ACCEPTANCE and allow the person to experience their freedom fully. That is how you can attract anybody in your life.


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Learners who understand Law of Attraction still make few mistakes. Law of Attraction always works. It is a law. We fail. Laws do not fail.


To help learners understand the wisdom of Law of Attraction Manifestation Mastery I have created the Law of Attraction Complete Manifestation Wisdom course. This course shall help you as an ultimate guide to completely understand Law of Attraction. Knowing this wisdom shall help in successful manifestation. With this, you can solve your current biggest problem right now.


To make sure this wisdom reaches to most of you, it is made available affordably at $10 or Rs 700/-. My sincere intention is to help you with successful manifestation. The course is designed to help you solve your current biggest problem right away. I strongly advise you to take this course to learn the complete manifestation wisdom. You can watch the first few lectures for free by clicking the link below


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Wishing you loads of Abundance and Gratitude

Trainer Venkat

Founder, Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy





If dreams can became reality, what would you do first?

Goals Psoter Positioning 2

Imagine, you have fulfilled all your goals of your life right now. Stop reading and imagine for few seconds right now and come back.

OK cool. So how did you feel doing that? Accomplishing ask your life goals in all areas of your life feels great isn’t it?

Being in that for body, living the cozy dream home, having the love of your life, making a ton of money and having the world class vacation. That’s the life you deserve. You can have it when you achieve those goals. Right?

Now notice what you just did. You began of ask this with imagination. That also means you cannot have all of these in your life if you never imagined about them.

Here is the exciting part, what if you know how to translate that imagination into reality?

You imagine and you get it. Would that not be cool?

There is name for such method. It is called goals achievers formula.

First your imagination of your dreams, wants and desires are broken down into a list. This list is called the primordial list. The list will roughly have few things. What you must research, learn, do, buy, and prepare in order to achieve that goal are included in this list. They are all written down. Now this process is called brain storming. As a result of brainstorming your primordial list is developed. This is step 1.

All your other dreams and goals and wants are broken down into as many primordial lists. So after this, you begin to put together items from these lists into categories. Remember, we had research, learn, do, buy, prepare in ask the lists. So now we combine all primordial list items under those categories. This is step 2

Now you order reach item in those list in order of priority. This is prioritization. This is step 3.

Step 4 is where all the fun is. You are awake for usually 16 hours each day. Now you allocate time for each category within reach day. So you have time to research, time to learn, time to do, time to prepare, and time to buy and such. Since you have time to do, you end up doing all the tasks from your prioritized list according to the allocated time of the category. Step 4 is called allocation.

Routine development is where you combine your allocated tasks and daily habits. After this you get a very powerful super list. If you follow this super list each day, you end up finishing all the goals in your list with each passing day. Routine devilment is step 5. This is where your imaginations are being translated into reality using time. This is very powerful. You will In fact exactly know by which day you can accomplish your goals.

This is the goals achiever formula. There is method to translate any wish/dream/desire/want into a reality. Learn the Goals Achievers Formula and you can become a Serial High Achiever too.

High Achiever’s GOALS method Workshop

Sunday, December 27 , 2015

Skype Format Workshop

Duration: 6 Hrs. (1 hr Lunch Break + 2 short breaks)

Price: $50 or Rs. 3000/-

Outcomes of this workshop

 The world class results that is guaranteed out of this workshop attendees are

      • You develop the method to beat Goals LIKE you never achieved before
      • Immediate Goals System that will help you to prepare your own Life Dashboards like the Millionaires and World class Achievers.
      • More achievements each year for all 8 categories of your life – Physical, Mental, Business. Job, Financial, Fun, Adventure and Service goals
      • Self-esteem boost that you would experience makes you feel different like a Millionaire productivity champ.
      • The price for this workshop is definitely very less than the difference between you and the Millionaire Productivity Champ that you would become.

This is how the millionaires plan their life and live the most of it. Because they understand find is scarce and you have to translate am the goals within this life. Because live life only once.

High Achiever’s GOALS method Workshop can enhance the value of your life by huge margin. Get started with this Life changing workshop immediately. Learn this Goals Achievement Method., Become a Master Achiever like never before. This workshop is certainly for you!

Ping me saying you would love to attend the session and I will share additional insights on how can we take this further. Get back to me saying when can we talk? Ping me @ +91 9059 949 657

Can law of attraction help you solve your life problems?

Course Image

In this video you shall learn how to understand law of Attraction completely. Most leaners fail in manifestation even after knowing law of Attraction. This video helps you to avoid the mistakes of the failing manifestations.

All of the wisdom in this course is put in an online course called Law of Attraction – Complete Manifestation Wisdom.


Watch this Video to know how can you learn Law of Attraction completely.

Learners who understand Law of Attraction still make few mistakes. Law of Attraction always works. It is a law. We fail. Laws do not fail.

To help learners understand the wisdom of Law of Attraction Manifestation Mastery I have created the Law of Attraction Complete Manifestation Wisdom course. This course shall help you as an ultimate guide to completely understand Law of Attraction. Knowing this wisdom shall help in successful manifestation. With this, you can solve your current biggest problem right now.

To make sure this wisdom reaches to most of you, it is made available affordably at $10 or Rs 700/-. My sincere intention is to help you with successful manifestation. The course is designed to help you solve your current biggest problem right away.

You can click the link below to check out the course

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Very Important

I would love to talk to you to help you understand the Law of Attraction. You can ping me at DIRECTLY at +91 9059 949 657 on whatsapp. You will thank me after I SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM.

Wishing you loads of Abundance and Gratitude

Trainer Venkat. – Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy


Where can you learn how to solve life problems? (in a school for life!)

As kids you would approach elders or teachers to learn something you wanted to do,

to learn how to do what you did not understand completely

to learn how to solve tiny problems.

Imagine a school for life where you can learn life skills like that. A learning destination

where you learn how to live in a fit body,

learn how to meditate for inner peace,

learn how to operate business and build wealth like millionaires do,

learn how to have loving, enriching and peaceful relationship with everyone

learn how to have great fun and adventure and learn how to serve the world leaving a legendary impact behind.

It is such life that enables you to experience it fully.


Avi Peron Academy is one such life school where you can learn Life skills like that. This is a Life School to learn how to live life with ultimate life performance.


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How to solve life problems automatically?

AS USUAL Sanjay returned home dull and energy drained. His wife Leela was also worn out as they both were working People. Most of their evenings are like this. They hardly take time for their kids as they cook after returning from work. Life is highly engaged. Weekends are usually spend resting but not having fun. Sanjay was not happy about this situation. Even money they were earning would soon become just sufficient to run the family. Time runs no matter what. HE wanted to do something about his.

He was sipping coffee after his evening return looking a climber plant. The plant always grow up with time. Every day only showed growth to him. SANJAY wished even he grew something like this. Then suddenly something struck him hard in his mind. It was so obvious all these days. Yet he discovered right that moment. The climber was growing each day because it had a support!

Simple right! Time would pass anyway. However what if you can have time that creates health, prosperity, wealth, fun, freedom of time, great relationships, service and peace. To accomplish a life like that one would need a SUPPORT.

A support help you to grow with time. As more time passes you become more nourished and prosperous. That support in life is LEARNING.

Sanjay felt at that moment that he was doing the same thing each day in his life. He was repeating the forces each day that would only cause the same results to occur. Hence his life was stagnate. However, time was passing.

If he had a support system like the climber plant had, he would have a learning system with him. Such learning system is what enables him to learn more about health, wealth, building peace, having great relationships, learn how to become financially free, go out for great vacations each year.


This life is what we create from our minds. We cannot create anything different from what we are capable of thinking. And learning is very powerful. Learning adds something new in your minds, this newness will help you do something new each day now. This has created a difference in how you are doing things today and how you would did yesterday. Why? Because you learnt something new!


That is the power of learning.


Learning is usually stopped after one finishes their formal education in college. Most people stop learning between the ages of 23-28. Thereafter they live the rest of life based on what they acquired in those first few years of their life. This does not help much to deal with life situations as Time is constantly growing. Time creates better possibilities. However if you are not evolving with time, Time wipes you out of the game.

So Sanjay wished he could learn how to live life fully how to create wealth like a millionaire? How to achieve goals like a success lover, how to live in a million dollar fit body, how to have inner peace like a monk and business wisdom like an experienced entrepreneur. What if eve Leela learnt do to something like this? Their life would double the impact with time. What if they learn how to raise kids to become millionaires? Now family is creating impact manifold. What if all this becomes reality? What if they could really get hands on something like learning support system?

To help people like Sanjay and Leela is why Avi Peron Human Upliftment academy has created MASTER’S CIRCLE. This is a Life Coaching School where you continue to learn not how to survive how to live a fully lived life. Think of this like a school for learning skills to upgrade your life. Skills like entrepreneurship, building financial wealth, building rock solid foundation for your kids, having great relationships with spouses, how to create fit and healthy bodies and also maintain it, how to serve the world in meaningful ways, how to become a high achiever of success, managing your time, fulling your determination with self-discipline, mastering your confidence and building rock solid beliefs, create work like master pieces, become financially free with time, how to have more time to do what you love and work less and still ern more, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, negotiations, sales, marketing, parenting, gardening, mediation, yoga, freelancing, hiking, trekking, you name it we got it covered.


Master’s Circle is meant to Crete Life masters out of you. Where you take charge if your life and create anything you want. It bestows you with wisdom and power that can create anything you want in your life. To enable you, there is intense and powerful life coaching. These skills serve to play life better. We have system to live life, models to solve daily problems and processes to run your business and wealth building mechanisms to create wealth.


I am Trainer Venkat and I welcome you to an opportunity to create a new life by creating a new you. Learning can add that difference. And here I present you the first of the coaching calls of Master’s Circle.

Imagine living in a Strength Zone where as you face problems you automatically solve it. It is part of a Tribe. This Tribe of People learn to live in the STRENGTH ZONE and operate business, life and relationships in manner of BIG SZIE only. They solve problems automatically because they have trained their mindset to reach this Strength Zone. Sanjay and Leela can be part of this tribe. So can you.


Watch the first coaching call here:




Is that not cool?


You face the problems and you bounce back readily to solve them. Wow! That’s precious wisdom.


Now, before we begin let me outline the format for this coaching call. The entire session is expected to last between 2.5-3 hrs. Here is the format


  1. You learn from the coaching call provided in the link below
  2. After attending the coaching call you download the workbook and complete the workshop exercises. I will provide a workbook after you finish taking the coaching call. Or you may download it here:


I am excited to host this first Coaching session honestly. Here is the link to get started with the coaching call.


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Trainer Venkat

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Your School for Life Coaching

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Just Imagine You are in a school where you come and get tutored on how to live a life that can yield a million dollar business in 18-24 months’ time. How you can live the most spiritual best self? How politeness + graciousness + Determination can yield any result you want. A school where you have GURUS for life addressing your Daily Routine, You r habits, your Business Process, Your workflow, your creativity, your relationship index, you fun quotient, your vacation planning and teach you the Finest Time Tested Secrets of living a True Meaningful yet Million Dollar Life.

IMAGINE A LIFE SCHOOL where you can clear all your doubts about life, money, business, relationships and much more. Tomorrow Coaching talks exactly about becoming a kind of person who always live in the strength zone. By living in this Zone, one is able to automatically bounce back and solve problems. This is a School where you can learn such Life Skills. Welcome to MASTER’s Circle Coaching Session. FREE and LIVE tomorrow at 10.00 AM.

On Skype. My skype id is bjvegeta

Hit me with a request to join tomorrow coaching call. Also confirming participants will be provided the Workbook for tomorrow session.

Also you can confirm on Whatsapp at +91 9059 949 657. So ping me NOW!


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