Habit Revolution



At Avi Peron we follow a particular life culture called the Million dollar life culture.   We would like to lead you into developing the millionaire habits. Although these habits seem deceptively simple, they need Iearn will power + daily motivation + Consistency to keep up with them. As you become consistent with these 6 millionaire habits you become a top class player in the field of personal development, business growth and relationship wisdom.


Such improvement leads to become an individual who can earn 33k per day meaning a crore a year. Now when you find ways to amplify this method you can become a millionaire too.

Cool, so here are the habits. Also, we provide free resources to download and follow these habits. You can download the free resources by clicking the link provided against each habit in the list below.

1. Wake up early – Wake anytime between 5am – 6 am

2. Meditate daily – Use this free app – https://goo.gl/pL6KLg

3. Workout daily –

For Daily Yoga use this – https://goo.gl/DSjEed

For Daily Muscle Building/Cardio kind of workout use this – https://goo.gl/3N6q6B

Or You can jog/run/swim/play everyday

Or we have our own Skype Gym, you can join our Fitness Challenge Groups.

4. Read affirmations daily – Develop your set of affirmation and read everyday. If you do not know watch this quick video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkmRdKt11Hs

5. Learn Daily – Just 20 minutes to complete a book. Use this Free app. http://blinki.st/c0bc0ce2a88f

6. Eat Clean Food Daily. No Junk Food. No CocaColas. Lots of Fruits. Lot of Veggies. Simple Diet plan. Would like to get diet plan, you can ping us.

7. Focus – Use this app to play BRAIN GAMES and develop your focus. https://goo.gl/H5uBni

8. Memorize – Learn new words. Memorize each day. This is a powerful brain secret. Just memorize new words to learn for free. https://goo.gl/fG7KQV

9. Give daily – Give Money or Time or help or advice or resource or simple lift or smile. But Give Something Every day.

10.Sleep Early – Sleep between 10.00 PM and 11.00PM only. Strictly!

All of this will take 20-30 minutes to set up. Once you do, put all the apps icons on your homepage of phone/tablet. That’s it. You are all set to go.

To Track these habits we have created an Excel Tracker sheet. Download this from this link below.

Then Download the NEW HABIT REVOLUTION excel tracker from this link







Watch the HABIT REVOLUTION video below.