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Law of Attraction

Complete Manifestation Wisdom Course

I have created an online self-paced course for you so that you could take this course from anywhere. The course is called Law of Attraction – Complete Manifestation Wisdom.

My sincere intention with the course is to help you develop a strong skill of successful manifestation. It is not just knowing law of attraction but it is about living your life in absolute conformity with the Universal Law of Attraction.

The course is priced at $10 only instead of regular $299. Thanks to your sincere readership I have made it extremely affordable and available in this format for global access. Simply click the link below to get the course directly at the discounted price.





Rich Minds Course – A law of attraction Guide for financial wealth and abundance.


Having lots of talent, years of hard work, genuine effort, hard will, strong desire to make it successful in life drives us all. Financial Success is a barometer of success for many. Few may argue that Money is not everything. Now what is Law of Attraction teaching us about money?


If you constantly keep saying that money is root of all evil, money could harm relationships, money could make me greedy and immoral, money is not needed for me, I am sufficient. Guess what? You attract just that.


On the other hand, if you alter the perspective it can help you very much. Money is a loving energy. If you have more money, you can take better care of your loved once. And you have even more, you can serve others too. That’s how you can be instrumental in making this world a better place. Money therefore helps you realize the purpose of your life in a more efficient and powerful manner. Money is not root of all evil. Money is a loving energy. Money is an abundant energy.


Being Rich is not just about having lots of money. It is about being abundant. Rich People are abundant. They do not think of amassing money. They think of helping people and uplifting people in their life journey. In being so they attract lots of money, love, health, success , service, adventure, fun and more. That’s abundance. That how rich life looks like. There is a difference between rich people and having lots of money.


Watch this video to know more about Rich Minds Course

Goals Workshop – A High Achiever method that can help you achieve repeat success in all areas of life

Imagine, you have fulfilled ask your goals of your life right now. Stop reading and imagine for few seconds right now and come back.

OK cool. So how did you feel doing that? Accomplishing ask your life goals in all areas of your life feels great isn’t it?

Being in that for body, living the cozy dream home, having the love of your life, making a ton of money and having the world class vacation. That’s the life you deserve. You can have it when you achieve those goals. Right?

Now notice what you just did. You began of ask this with imagination. That also means you cannot have all of these in your life if you never imagined about them.

Here is the exciting part, what if you know how to translate that imagination into reality?

You imagine and you get it. Would that not be cool?

There is name for such method. It is called goals achievers formula.

You can watch this video to learn how the high achievers build their goals achieving system.


Meditation Manifestation Program

Meditation as a daily habit is challenging for most people.  Meditation is a powerful communicator. Meditation allows you draw your reality. Meditation is like a pen suing which you can write your destiny. Creative Visualization for Meditation is method using which you can manifest anything you want. I shall share exactly how Meditation must be used to create manifestation results. Before that, let us learn a bit about successful meditation techniques.

What is covered here is a result of all the above auditory technology, positive mind psychology and latest findings in neural science for maximizing human performance. These are the contents of this program


  1. Clean your Mind – removing all limiting beliefs
  2. Cognition Super wave – Meditation to raise intuition and develop problem solving skills
  3. Creative Visualization –  Meditation for successful manifestation using Theta State
  4. Nerve Regeneration Meditation – Meditation to create a new identity with new beliefs.
  5. World Compassion MEDAIATATION – To help you connect with the oneness of Universe
  6. Third EYE Activation Meditation – A powerful meditation practice to open your third eye.
  7. Chakra Balancing Technique for channelizing your new inner abilities.


These are the first 7 days. And this completes the Program. Over the next 90 days you will begin the HOLOSYNC MEDITATION course. 90 Day Holosync Meditation for becoming Manifestation Master.


This will absolutely complete the Meditation Manifestation Master SYSTSM.


Not just that we have few more bonuses:


After these 97 meditation days, you can use these bonus meditation tracks for use in daily practice. These tracks can be used based on your need or situation or habits. Here is the list of Bonus of Tracks you get along with this program


  1. IsoChronic Meditation for Strong Focus
  2. Binaural Meditation for Productivity
  3. Alpha Super wave for Creativity
  4. Brainwave Meditation for Relaxation
  5. Theta Super wave for Problem Solving Meditation
  6. Deep Sleep Meditation – Nidra Meditation.



After these 97 days you can use these tracks based on your mood/need/habit. This will help you to continue the practice of meditation.


Master’s Circle – Life Coaching Club


Alexander had a mentor

Gandhi had a mentor

Einstein had a mentor who he would meet every Tuesday

To become a billionaire you need to have multi billionaire as your mentor

To become a millionaire, you need a multi-millionaire to be your mentor

To become better than where you are, you need a mentor who is already ahead of you and is willing to take you upwards in life. That’s the secret behind exceptionally successful people.

Robin Sharma, Harv Eker, Bernard Burchard, Rich Litvin, Steve Chandler, Ekalavya have all been my mentors. And I owe it all my teachers I met in life to my wealth of knowledge, money, experience, memories and material that I own. In short I would not have been as successful and rich as I am today without these mentors along my way. I still do have mentors for physical fitness, mental toughness, Business Coaching, Relationship Wisdom and Emotional Intelligence.

Without a teacher, without a guru, without the mentor leading into light of such knowledge is not possible. I would not have become mentally tough and resilient if I was not coached by Robin Sharma. I would not have learnt how to raise my financial blueprint (which sky rocketed my earning ability) if Harv Eker had not taught me about thinking like a millionaire and operating business like a millionaire. I would not have established a prosperous high charging coaching business if I were not coached on successful high dollar coaching by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler. They were ahead of me. They were willing to mentor me. They were willing to change me. I was hungry to change to succeed and I did.

I have realised that needs come in many sizes and one size does not fit all. Therefore I have combined most of my trainings and offerings into a LIFE COACHING PROGRAM Called the MASTER’S CIRCLE.

Here you shall be coached on

How to live a productive life?

How to develop a fit body?

How to develop mental Resilience of a tiger?

How to operate business like a millionaires (this one personally changed my life)

How to operate business to establish a world class brand?

How to become spiritually awakening?

How to develop your abundance score?

How to become more emotionally intelligent?

How to become the kind of person who is learning faster, changing after, adapting faster and generating 10x more money, more impact, more time and more life.

How to become financially free?

How to deal with office or neighbourhood politics successfully?

How to use power, knowledge, skill, influence and confidence for maximum life performance?

How to raise kids so that they can listen positively?

How to raise kids who would develop into Life stars

How to manage life, stress, work, goals and relationships beautifully?

How can you begin to impact the world immediately today?

How to seek direction in life?

Well such are the questions that any leaner seeking mentor has in their minds. So one course would not offer solutions to all the problems. However, a mentor ahead of you can lead you into light. Mentors help you become success icon and ensure you keep up with the same life performance for repeat success.

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