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You can immediately reach us by pinging us on Whatsapp at  + 91 9059 949 657.

You become part of our Life Coaching Whatsapp Group. Here we serve you with weekly free trainings and lots of high-impact value material. Ping us on Whatsapp With your Full Name.

Also, we have great learning community with like-minded people like you who want to excel in life. This is a Whatsapp Group. Here we share and discuss Personal development, Business Growth strategies and rich relationship wisdom. You can Join here by clicking the link below

Click this link to provide your phone number to join the WhatsApp Group


As a Free Gift you can download our Ebook “26 Practical Principles of Successful Manifestation”


We can solve your life problems. Ping us on Whatapp at +91 9059 949 657.

Life Coach Venkat

Founder, Avi Peron Academy


Avi Peron Conatct us WordPress


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