I am affectionately known as Trainer Venkat. I am the founder of Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy. I specialise in helping people by solving their problems. Based on the same core values, Avi Peron Academy offers competent training programs as Personality Development courses, Life Orientation Programs, Startup Accelerators, Small Business Consulting Services, Relationship Guidance, Health and Fitness, Inner Well being – in short to live as a blissful soul.

We firmly beleive everybody is sent on earth to help others. By choosing to help other in large numbers one acquires the ablity to become as rich as they want. Being Rich is not just about making money. Being rich is about helping lots of people, create value for lots of people, solve problems for lots of people and help a lot of people. Such a process would surround life with abundance of health, inner peace, loving relationships, wealth, success, fun, adventure and service. Avi Peron exactly aims to serve this purpose. I would love to teach folks on how to live life abundantly. I love to stay fit and am a Fitness Coach too. I also love to read and learn a lot. I love being with people who are positive, encouraging and are constantly wanting to add value to others lives.

I love Rock Music. I also love cycling, trekking, outdoor club activities and fitness marathons. I am a movie buff and a great foodie. I love to be surrounded by anybody positive from kids to wise folks. Most Importantly I would love to help people. That brings me immense joy as I solve their life problems. Thank you.

To learn more about us youc an watch the video below:



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