10 habits of the Habit Revolution System can definitely make you successful, happy and mentally bullet proof.

I started Habit Revolution last year as a Lifestyle and Productivity Concept. It is a simple set of 10 Habits that members joining Habit Revolution would do. Here are those Habits.

Why were these 10 habits chosen?

From the ancient art of productive living to modern positive psychology and further expanding to accelerated human performance research, we found these 10 Habits consistently repeating.

We studied millionaires and billionaires and their habits of life. We also studied Olympic level fitness athletes and also high achievers ranging from age 20 to 85. And this is what we found out.

Wake up early

because you can get more done from 6AM to 10 PM that most people manage to do the same work between 9 AM and 5 PM. Research proves it too. There is a head start advantage when you wake up early.


Human Body was designed to walk at least 8 miles a day. We were food gatherers and wanderers of ten thousands of years. When you work out you sweat, you get your heart rate pumping, you are charged, you feel alive. A fit body starting the day early can get more done than an unfit body starting the day as usual. Therefore we workout. Daily.


You become what you repeat. One of the fundamental strength of high achievers is their power of belief. New beliefs can be affirmed. Therefore your goals, desires and wants must be affirmed every day. It is world class habit of all successful manifestors.


We all have say 100 years of time. Most people who trying to achieve learn Time Management as a critical tool of productivity. However, the high achievers do not manage time. They manage FOCUS. We all have 100 years. It is how much you focus on things you want that matters. Manage your Focus and time is managed automatically.  And what better than Meditation can help you with this. Imagine having the focus of a Zen Monk and doing the job you do. You simply cannot stay there, you progress and grow constantly because your focus is high. You can only do more with your life.

Meditation is the secret habit of every abundantly successful soul on the planet. Period.


You do not have to repeat the same mistakes that your predecessors did. All you can simply do is Learn from their experience without having to do the same mistake. Everything that you need is documented as a book, as a course as a video as an article and more. All you have to do is dedicate 30 min of learning for personal development, skill building and relationship development.

Research shows that people who learn regularly even after completing their graduation steadily reverse the effects of aging, do not experience dementia or memory loss in old age and also actually feel younger. Not just that Learning causes exponential growth in your life, business and relationship.

Clean Diet

Diet does not mean eating lesser food . Nor does it mean that you have to eat dull and bland food. There is a science of eating food that keep you heathy, build a disease free, that can reverse the effects of ageing, make your skin glow, make you feel younger and feel energized. Most people are afraid that Diet can be hard. Actually Dieting to achieve good results like these is easy and doable. You should know how to make simple tweaks to your existing diet. Clean Diet can help you the most. Why because your body is the food you eat.


Practicing the skill to develop better FOCUS skills helps you get done more. There are specific rituals that high achievers follow every day to develop their focus. This ability is called Lazer Focus. This defines the ability to finish what you start. Managing your Focus is vital to success.


Research shows that people who practice remembering something every day are exceptionally good at creativity and innovation. Excelling at your life requires you to adapt to change. People who are creative and innovative come up with interesting and new solutions. Memorizing is surprisingly linked with creativity, innovation and problem solving. So People practicing Lazer Focus remember  list of new words or verses from religious scriptures or names of cities, elements, currencies, and such more – so that they develop better neural connections.


Helping someone every day. In fact highly successful people have systematic ways of giving money, time, effort and resources to the needful. They believe that by living a exceptional life they make way for abundance. This abundance can be shared and given.

It is like this. If you are millionaire, you can help thousands of people in very meaningful ways. If you are a billionaire, you can help millions of people in very profound and meaningful ways.

Therefore they practice giving. By helping others you are helping yourself.

Sleep on time

In today’s technology distracted world, high achievers protect their most valuable asset. SLEEP.

Successful sleep as if they are babies. And they are very strict and punctual about it. Not just 8 hours of sleep, they go to bed early. Usually beyond 10.00 PM you will not find them awake. They are tight asleep in a dark bedroom.

It is like complete shutdown from the outer world. They know it is vital that if they get sleep right , they will pull off a very highly successful day the next day. Sleep is therefore very important asset and they protect it.

So this is why we call these set of powerful yet simple habits as Habit Revolution. Just imagine eating right, waking right and sleeping on time. While in between, you serve the world with your creative and innovative work as a result of impact of your habits. You have fun, adventure and service. You are mentally and emotionally strong. You are bulletproof. You are the person who is reliable, helpful, strong and powerful.


Habit Revolution is free. And here are the FREE resources that you can use.

  1. Wake up early – Wake anytime between 5am – 6 am
  2. Meditate daily – Use this free app – https://goo.gl/pL6KLg
  3. Workout daily –

For Daily Yoga use this – https://goo.gl/DSjEed

For Daily Muscle Building/Cardio kind of workout use this – https://goo.gl/3N6q6B

Or You can jog/run/swim/play everyday

Or we have our own Skype Gym, you can join our Fitness Challenge Groups.

  1. Read affirmations daily – Develop your set of affirmation and read everyday. If you do not know watch this quick video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkmRdKt11Hs
  2. Learn Daily – Just 20 minutes to complete a book. Use this Free app. http://blinki.st/c0bc0ce2a88f
  3. Eat Clean Food Daily. No Junk Food. No CocaColas. Lots of Fruits. Lot of Veggies. Simple Diet plan. Would like to get diet plan, you can ping us.
  4. Focus – Use this app to play BRAIN GAMES and develop your focus. https://goo.gl/H5uBni
  5. Memorize – Learn new words. Memorize each day. This is a powerful brain secret. Just memorize new words to learn for free. https://goo.gl/fG7KQV
  6. Give daily – Give Money or Time or help or advice or resource or simple lift or smile. But Give Something Every day.

10.Sleep Early – Sleep between 10.00 PM and 11.00PM only. Strictly!


However, we also introducing Habit Revolution Pro.

Here, we personally track your progress daily for all these 10 Habits. It is like a teachers monitoring your homework. So, say like a teacher monitoring your life performance daily with constant monitoring, training and support. In Habit Revolution Pro you will provided Monitoring, Daily Discipline Support, Motivation and Weekly Dashboards.

Apart from that you will be Given a free 10 videos course on how to master these habits and live like a HIGH Achiever.

These habits are powerful, Yet many people fail because of lack support system. Habit Revolution Pro is that support system. Commitment, Discipline, Motivation and Support for these 10 powerful habits on a daily basis.

If you need someone to act as a Life Coach watching over daily habits and help you get these habits done anyway, then HABIT REVOLUTION PRO is for you.

Habit Revolution Pro is 10$ per month or Rs. 500 per month only. Also, we donate 50% of all the income generated from HABIT REVOLUTION PRO to Amazon’s Gift a Smile Charity program. We buy stuff for requirements posted by NGOs and Orphanages and Old age home on Amazon Gift a Smile Program.

We do this to ensure we are leading people to become life leaders while also giving back to society. All transaction reports and donations will be published monthly in Habit Revolution Pro Whatsapp Group for transparency and accountabiity purposes.

So if you are interested to join HABIT REVOLUTION PRO, ping me with your full name on Whatsapp at +91 9059 949 657.


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