The Most Advanced Meditation Program for successful manifestation

Meditation as a daily habit is challenging for most people.  Meditation is a powerful communicator. Meditation allows you draw your reality. Meditation is like a pen using which you can write your destiny. Creative Visualization for Meditation is method using which you can manifest anything you want. I shall share exactly how Meditation must be used to create manifestation results. Before that, let us learn a bit about successful meditation techniques.


      1. Alpha Meditation for Subconscious programming
      2. Nerve Regeneration Meditation to create a new identity
      3. Holosync Meditation for Theta State
      4. Third Eye Activation Meditation for accessing hidden mind potential.
      5. Chakra Balancing Techniques.


The one who can manifest anything he wants at his will is called a Manifestation Master. Meditation clams your mind to see the world very clearly. Decades of Meditation makes clairvoyant with strong intuition. Your awareness reaches super peak levels. Awareness + Intuition can help you access learn anything you want. This means you can learn to manifest anything you want.





Imagine like this. If you want to go on a vacation and know only one city, that is the only option you could consider. However, if you are aware of 3-5 cities, now you have better options. However, if you are aware of 235 cities, now you can not only have better options, but also have a pattern. Now if your awareness is at super peak levels, the intuition becomes so good that you can almost see the future with the help of patterns of awareness in your mind. With stronger intuition skills and awareness put together you can literally manifest anything you want. We call this state the Meditation manifestation master.


You can become this. It just takes decades of Meditation.


Well, there is a work around to this. With advent modern auditory technology like Isochronic, Binaural and Holosync technologies, we can simulate the mind to enter the state of a Manifestation Master. These meditations frequencies are tailored to achieve a specific impact. And the impact is to become a manifestation master.


How is this achieved?


Alpha state Meditation is used to create a sub conscious programing. Alpha State is a subconscious state and anything fed by your conscious self is programmed a reality. Thereafter everything manifesting is result of your beliefs. So, in this state we dissolve all the limiting beliefs. Then, the beliefs of a manifestation master are installed. This completes the alpha subconscious programming


Neurogenesis a process where neural networks are established., Neurons (brain cells) are non-regenerative. This means they cannot be reproduced when they are destroyed or failed like cells of other tissues in our body. There are only two ways how new neural connections and nerve regeneration can be achieved. One is physical exercise and the other is nerve regenerative Meditation.


The concept of self is enforced by your identity. Your identity resides in your brain as neural connections. There are certain frequencies of sound that enable new neural connections. By this we can create a new identity matching with beliefs installed sing alpha meditation explained previously. This creates a new self. In fact, a new conscious state is created.

This is called Nerve Regeneration Meditation. Beta State is your conscious state. By creating a new identity, we have created a new presence for you.


Next we gradually Proceed to Theta State Meditation where we practice Holosync Meditation. This technology allows you achieve the same estate of theta mind that 70 years of Zen MEDIATATION DOES to your mind, Thanks to advances in Holosync research, achieving Super Theta state is achievable in a considerable time instead of decades. Here you will begin to see your focus bending the reality around you. Your focus becomes very powerful in everything you. Your Human Performance increases in all areas. You will begin to experience what is called Reality Distortion Field. These are the first signs of becoming the manifestation master.


Now, it is time to heighten your awareness levels and intuition levels. Imagine you are so super conscious that you can actually begin to see the connection between all situations, peoples and unfolding events. You are so powerfully clairvoyant now that you will begin to see patterns in everything you perceive. To enable this, we activate the Third Chakra residing between your eyes. The third eye Chakra Meditation does exactly that to your mind abilities.


You will feel in command of all events that manifest in your life. You are now capable of creating your own destiny. You are a manifestation master.


With your new found power, you shall now learn to balance your inner powers. Chakra Balancing and Goals Visualization meditations helps you to harness your new found abilities and direct them to manifest your desired reality. You will now begin to experience the practice of a True manifestation master.


How powerful Meditation is known only to few. Of that there are even very few who are truly experiencing a powerful meditative practice and experience real life benefits. To make Meditations manifestation achievable we put all these techniques together to create thoroughly researched and successful Meditation program. We call it – The Meditation Manifestation System – Most advanced mind programming system for successful visualization.


What is covered here is a result of all the above auditory technology, positive mind psychology and latest findings in neural science for maximizing human performance. These are the contents of this program


      1. Clean your Mind – removing all limiting beliefs
      2. Cognition Super wave – Meditation to raise intuition and develop problem solving skills
      3. Creative Visualization –  Meditation for successful manifestation using Theta State
      4. Nerve Regeneration Meditation – Meditation to create a new identity with new beliefs.
      5. World Compassion MEDAIATATION – To help you connect with the oneness of Universe
      6. Third EYE Activation Meditation – A powerful meditation practice to open your third eye.
      7. Chakra Balancing Technique for channelizing your new inner abilities.


These are the first 7 days. And this completes the Program. Over the next 90 days you will begin the 90 Day Holosync Meditation for becoming Manifestation Master. This will absolutely complete the Meditation Manifestation Master SYSTEM.

Not just that we have few more bonuses:

After these 97 meditation days, you can use these bonus meditation tracks for use in daily practice. These tracks can be used based on your need or situation or habits. Here is the list of Bonus of Tracks you get along with this program


      1. IsoChronic Meditation for Strong Focus
      2. Binaural Meditation for Productivity
      3. Alpha Super wave for Creativity
      4. Brainwave Meditation for Relaxation
      5. Theta Super wave for Problem Solving Meditation
      6. Deep Sleep Meditation – Nidra Meditation.



After these 97 days you can use these tracks based on your mood/need/habit. This will help you to continue the practice of meditation.



When you buy the Meditation Manifestation Master Program, you will also get a free membership to our Meditation Master on Whatsapp. We understand meditation as a practice and hobby requires a buddy. So we have this community of folks who are desiring to become manifestation master like you.


Who can use this Meditation program


      • If you are struggling to control your life or experiencing lack of stability
      • If you are the kind of individual who would like to rise from normal to Super human life performance
      • If you are interested in becoming a manifestation master
      • If you want to heal your past negative energies and create new destiny
      • If you would like to unlock your hidden mind potential
      • If you would like solve your relationship problems, personal problems and business problems.
      • If you sincerely seeking to create a new you and a new powerful life where you are the absolute owner, then this program is definitely for you.


If you are interested in buying this Meditation Manifestation System to become a manifestation master, then ping us back on WhatsApp expressing your interest at +91 9059 949 657. (tell Us why you are interested in this program while you contact).

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