The story on how one can become rich by installing these powerful habits.

This is a story of a common man with uncommon abilities. This could be your story.

One day, the man desired to be rich. So he started to think of making more money. He shortlisted all opportunities where he can earn more money. He figured out that if worked in a city than his village, he would earn more. So he shifted.

There started working. Soon he realized he can do more than one job to make money. So he did couple of odd jobs in addition to his primary job. He started making more money. He was happy.

But soon he became sick. Yet he continued working. His condition became worse day by day. He earned more and yet spent more on his medicines too. Still he did not heal.

Then one day he faced blackout and collapsed. His neighbors admitted him in hospital this time. The doctor advised 1 month strict bed rest and absolutely no work. With no other option, he kindly obliged.

In this one month, he would not work. He would simply think about his life in village. How happy he was. How he could do whatever he wanted to do. How he had freedom of time. He felt may be he more richer there than here in the city.

Now soon, he would come to lose all his earned money towards his medical expenses. He started thinking, Am I readily Rich? Have I been really Rich?

This made up his mind. That, when I have control over my time, then I AM TRULY RICH. Also, health is the first wealth. Three, I will have money to buy things that I want to, not to save and boost my ego.

When his treatment was done, he was discharged and now he was penniless. Yet he felt he was rich. The moment he became free from the pressure of making money he became RICH. Becoming rich is about becoming abundant. Rich people have everything, lots of everything and at the same time.

So he began his new life. He determined to live his new life with new set of habits. He vowed to make quality impact. He decided to go to bed on time each day. 10.00 PM he will be seen snoring in deep sleep. That’s it.

He would wake up early each day. 5.00AM he would wake up fresh, clear and in pristine state of mind.

He would begin his day with meditation, moderately intense exercise and then reading his affirmations. Meditations cleans his mind. Exercise changes his body, Reading affirmations creates a new neuro psychology for him. All of these activities before the sun rise makes him ready for the day. He is a warrior now.

Armed with the benefits of these 3 habits, he would now begin his learning. His learning would ensure he covering a business development skill and also personal development coaching. He would set learning target for each month. He would have a learning calendar.

Bathing, Prayers and breakfast would ensue. Now he is ready for his day.

Even before his work started he has accomplished so much.

At his work, he defined new policy. He developed business key performance indicators. These are the numbers that matter to the business health. Monitoring these vital numbers helps a business decision maker to steer the business in the right direction.

Using his Key performance indicator he developed business dashboard. He would not hard. He would only work, smartly. Numbers decided everything. He was interested in analytics. Data gave him power to drive business and also take time for vacation. He became a Data Driven Entrepreneur. He was empowered.

Not just that his employees became his followers too. He installed this new culture of Rich Habits amongst the employees. His employees followed the same culture. They could learn at work. They had better life-work balance. They earned more as the organization earned more. Personal growth objectives are more aligned with organizational growth objectives. The entire organization was like a peaceful zen monk who is also an Martial Arts Expert. Every employee was a future entrepreneur.

Note: They would eat their food on time. 3-4 times a day. Only clean food. No soda, no processed food, no junk food, no fast food. Only Real Food.

They call this the RICH LIFE.

Now what made a man go from rags to riches then rags to riches again? A set of Habits. We call these habits. Millionaire Habits.

The organization also had a culture to focus each on their work. They would only work 3 hrs a day with pure dedicated focus. They would memorize to learn something each day. All employees follow this code of rich mind here in this organization.

They also gave together. The organization, the employees, the CEO they would give away 10% of their earning for a noble cause. Not just time, they would also give effort and time by volunteering locally. All of this they would do within their work time. The man says, if employees are not growing spiritually , they shall never grow professionally.

All of these when you put together, it creates a HABIT REVOLUTION within you.

I am Life Coach Venkat, founder of Avi Peron Academy. This story is based on my life. The code of habits is called HABIT REVOLUTION. We created HABIT REVOLUTION to help people install Rich Habits.

We developed a daily tracking system that anybody can use to develop the rich habits. Here are the Habits.

1. Wake up early
2. Meditate daily
3. Workout daily
4. Read affirmations daily
5. Learn Daily
6. Eat Clean Food Daily
7. Focus
8. Memorize
9. Give daily
10. Sleep Early

We shall help you with free resources and connections to help you accomplish these daily habits each day. All of this for free.


1. Wake up early – Wake anytime between 5am – 6 am
2. Meditate daily – Use this free app –
3. Workout daily –
For Daily Yoga use this –
For Daily Muscle Building/Cardio kind of workout use this –
Or You can jog/run/swim/play everyday
Or we have our own Skype Gym, you can join our Fitness Challenge Groups.
4. Read affirmations daily – Develop your set of affirmation and read everyday. If you do not know watch this quick video.
5. Learn Daily – Just 20 minutes to complete a book. Use this Free app.
6. Eat Clean Food Daily. No Junk Food. No CocaColas. Lots of Fruits. Lot of Veggies. Simple Diet plan. Would like to get diet plan, you can ping us.
7. Focus – Use this app to play BRAIN GAMES and develop your focus.
8. Memorize – Learn new words. Memorize each day. This is a powerful brain secret. Just memorize new words to learn for free.
9. Give daily – Give Money or Time or help or advice or resource or simple lift or smile. But Give Something Every day.
10.Sleep Early – Sleep between 10.00 PM and 11.00PM only. Strictly!

All of this will take 20-30 minutes to set up. Once you do, put all the apps icons on your homepage of phone/tablet. That’s it. You are all set to go.

Everybody can be rich, but people are not willing to COMMITT to do things that can make them become rich. HABIT REVOLUTION is a free initiative. You can join us. Ping us on Whatsapp at +91 9059 949 657.

Second, there is an art + science + psychology of becoming rich. We have put this all together as RICH MINDS COURSE. This is like an enriched learning experience combined with mind altering beliefs system. This is the best personal develop education for financial success. If you are interested in taking this course, then ping us on Whatsapp at +91 9059 949 657.

Watch this video to know more about Rich Minds Course.

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