How to manifest your goals? (From thoughts to physical reality – the system explained thoroughly)

92% people fail in achieving after making a new resolution. Goal Achieving is a skill. Even better, High Goals Achievement is a Skill that very few people have mastered. Do you know a method to achieve Goals? Have you learnt it before? Or do you know a method or system to become that HIGH ACHIEVER?

I am Trainer Venkat from Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy. I would love to share few insights on how the master achievers, serial achievers and world class productivity masters operate. I shall refer them as High Goals Achievers. I would educate you with the GOALS ACHIEVING METHOD that High Goals Achievers follow.

Unlike most people, High Goals Achievers have a different sense towards work, life and goals. They understand that goals drive us to live fully. Goals allow us to stretch our limits and go for the next level. What drives us to live is our goals. In doing so we feel alive. When we succeed we become happy. In short, humans need Goals to become happy.
High Goals Achievers therefore develop a method for Goals achieving. By following this method, they repeatedly achieve their goals in all areas of their life. This allows them to repeatedly beat any kind of goals – physical, mental, learning, business, job, relationship, fun adventure and service goals. Whether goals are tiny or big, massive or huge, interesting or intimidating, High Goals Achievers love to beat their gaols. They love to achieve their goals –each time, every time. They think differently, they operate differently. Because they know the GOALS METHOD.

Ok so right now as you reading this, I want you to close your eyes for few seconds and make goals right now. It can be from any aspect of your life – physical, mental, learning, business, job, relationship, fun adventure and service goals.
High Goals Achievers breakdown your dreams to lists. For all the goals that you have mentioned now I would like you to break them down into lists. Each goals list will contain all kinds of tasks, learning activities, researching activities, buying errands, talking to people who achieved, watching, reading and other necessary activities. This List for each goal will define how you make this dream become reality. By following this list you are basically making your dream goal become a reality. That is how you achieve it.

High Goal achievers then populate lists for all their life goals into a neat super list. The super list defines how you shall put together learning, buying, talking, watching, reading, errands, doing into a strict one-after-the-other ordered list. By following this super list, you beating goals from all areas of your life. It is a matter of time now. Just do your Super list and you are becoming a Serial High Achiever.

Not just that. High Goal achievers combine their daily routine with this super list and create a daily plan for each day. They further develop Monitor sheets like that for daily, weekly and yearly work progress. So you see you have Super List, A daily plan, weekly Monitor sheets and yearly assessments. All of these help you understand where are you going with your life. It is like a neat progress card for your Life. This method is called Life Dash boarding.


Now we bring you system simplified from the lives of millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs, sportsmen, success starts, celebs and productivity champs. You started with preparing life goals. You can follow the same High Goals Achieving Method. We understand you are already achieving in your life. However, I would love to see you as Serial High Achiever. Take life under pure control and really understand how much you are achieving out of it each year.

A millionaire’s Life Goals Dashboard WOULD ASK QUESTIONS like

How physically string have you got this year and by doing what?
How mentally strong, emotionally intelligent and spiritually awakening you want to get this year and by doing what?
How resourcefully are you going to run your businesses this year to create more profound impact and by doing what?
By what percentage your cash flow would increase this year and how are you going to achieve that goal this year?
What new destinations would I fly this year?
What new recreations would I add this year to my Fun List?
How am I deeply growing all my enriching relationships this year and what am I willing to for that?
How am I improving my giving ability to this world so that I can impact the world more? How exactly am I going to give more this year doing what?

By answering such questions and preparing a LIFE DASHBOARD for an entire year, High Goal Achievers take Pure Control of their life. They are therefore highly charged, highly productive and are in highly achievable state throughout the year.
Entrepreneur, Managers, Students, Authors, Athletes, Business owners, graduates, Housewives, Government or Private firm employees, blue collar or white collar have used this method to achieve success serially. Businessmen have started earning 100%-400% more than what they were doing.

Students started learning more day. Employees find more time for family and personal space. Housewives have started their own business and generated a stable income. Managing time has helped them create more time. With that extra time, they achieved even more goals. Knowing the HIGH ACHIEVERS GOALS METHOD has helped them all live life abundance, freedom and prosperity. They have learn to live like millionaires. And they succeeded!

I am here to affirm that it is possible to have a method that can help you Translate Dreams into reality! Any Dream can be broken down into goals and achieved too. Period.

Think about every Monday you start your week with high drive to beat your goals. You clearly know where you are going each day. As the sun sets you are proud of your accomplishments each day because you exactly know how much you moved forward in your life towards your goals. As you sleep you thank all the resources that have helped you today for your goals accomplishments. Steady and focused you keep beating each goals as time passes. That is exactly how you become a High Goal Achiever.

Introducing A world class High Goals Achievers Method Course from Avi Peron. This is a straight and clear cut path to Goals Achievement. It is like a ladder from dreams to goals. Simple. Period.

We are highly specialized in delivering Life Performance skills by installing this High Goals Achievers Method. Added to that the strategy, practices, rituals and life hacks are shared straight from world class productivity achievers.  So what you get is not just a High Goals Achievers system but a method to keep hitting goals every time without fail.
LIST + SEQUENCE + SUPERLIST + DASHBOARDING + {rituals, practices + strategies + life hacks} = HIGH GOALS ACHEVING METHOD each time without fail!

The world class results that is guaranteed out of this course attendees are
· You develop the method to beat Goals LIKE you never achieved before
· Immediate Goals System that will help you to prepare your own Life Dashboards like the Millionaires and World class Achievers.
· More achievements each year for all 8 categories of your life – Physical, Mental, Business. Job, Financial, Fun, Adventure and Service goals
· Self-esteem boost that you would experience makes you feel different like a Millionaire productivity champ.
· The price for this course is definitely very less than the difference between you and the Millionaire Productivity Champ that you would become.

High Achiever’s GOALS method Course can enhance the value of your life by huge margin. Get started with this Life changing course immediately. Learn this Goals Achievement Method, Become a Master Achiever like never before. This course is certainly for you!

If you are interested in taking this GOALS MANIFESTATION Course to become a high achiever, then ping us at @ +91 9059 949 657 on WhatsApp.

You can watch this video to learn how the high achievers build their goals achieving system.

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