Why you cannot attract the person you want in your life? And how Law of Attraction help you change this?

People try to use law of attraction to attract their soul mate. Here is what you are doing wrong.

First Law of Attraction is already working. You do not have to start using it. It is already operating.

Now the second part, how to attract your soulmate.

See you are trying to attract this person. You have been trying hard. You want them to be in your life for the rest of your life. Still things are not moving in the right direction. Why? Why after knowing LAW OF ATTRACTION which says you can create anything, you are still failing?

Here is the answer.

Imagine a student who joins a school. When the student joins let us call him A. After he completes his education he becomes B.

In relationships, most people are at A and try to attract a partner who is at B, WITHOUT changing themselves to B. This is the root cause of failed attraction.

Law of Attraction says I shall help you become B. You can create B.

Now it would seem obvious to the learner that this is what I am trying to become. But there is a difference.

See your possible partner is sending you signals from the Universe that it is time to become B. Yet, you are still an A. Now you can become a B only when you let go of A and completely surrender yourself to become a B.

Most people try to become a B because they can get this partner. That is not acceptable vibration in the Universe. Universe seeks you to grow. Universe wants you to become B. not wish for B.

When we wish to become something with an expectation, the focus grows on what if I lose. And therefore you lose this partner.

However, once you become detached, whether I get this person or not, it is important for me to become a B, THEN you will BECOME B truly.

Now you can effortlessly attract the person you like.

What if I do not? See that is a question that should not be asking, if you are detached from the outcome. The focus and Purpose is becoming B.

Here are simple Steps:
– Take a paper and pen and write all things you must change – physically, emotionally and personality.
– Write things that make you greedy/selfish/unhelpful and change these to become that different person
– Stop telling yourself that you deserve this person because you love them. It is not just stupid but kiddish.
– Learn to carry yourself with high self-esteem. Do not look desperate.
– Just carry yourself as if You are already THE B.

This should help you attract your possible partner successfully in your life. Remember you cannot use Law of Attraction. You can only use the tactics and wisdom. Law of Attraction is already working.

Life Coach Venkat
Founder, Avi Peron Academy.

Learners who understand Law of Attraction still make few mistakes. Law of Attraction always works. It is a law. We fail. Laws do not fail.

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