What are the rules for successful manifestation?

There are 26 rules of Life according to law of Attraction for successful manifestation.

Many Learners ask why manifestation are not happening if I am following everything straight from the Book, “The Secret”. HAVING OBSERVED LEARNERS of law of attraction fail to manifest what they want, we compiled the rules of life that can make you a manifestation master.

What we observed is most learners are not in the right frequency of vibration. To help you truly understand the essence of law of attraction is why we compiled these rules of life for successful manifestation for any desire in your life. Read them thoroughly. And practice them religiously. Because knowledge not applied loses its value.

Read with sincere intention to apply thus wisdom and change the rest of your life completely.

1. Be kind to everyone. Universe will respond back to you with kindness in wealth, health, love, warmth and affection.
2. Never create enemies. People might hate you, people are toxic, people are jealous, people are do not understand you, yet do not create enemies. How you flow through your circumstances make you a strong manifestation master.
3. Always speak the truth. This is simple but still we speak so many lies, white lies, lies to gain, lies ti protect our ego. Please become free by becoming true to the integrity of the universe. Thereafter you will be set free. Only truth can set you free. Once you are free, you are now master of your inner power.
4. Treat everybody equally. This is a Manifestation Master Skill. Only few can do this. Treating everybody the same without any assumptions, discrimination, judgments and bias. Everyone is you. You are everyone.
5. Strive to be the one who is faultless. Do not do thi8ngs that you know are wrong. Just remain faultless and Law of karma will work in your favor!
6. Be a Giver. Serve people with time, money, love affection, resource. Be a good person.
7. Be mild. Be the kind of person who can never be angered. Be mild.
8. Maintain clean hygiene. Bathing, cleanliness of house, office, your immediate environment, neighborhood and elsewhere you live. Every space you occupy is telling Universe what you want. So stay clean.
9. Do not become attached to material wealth. This does not mean you should not accumulate material wealth. Have an abundance of it. Just ensure you are attached.
10. Become the person who is benevolent of others. Everything you do, everything you say and everything you think should be about others’ good.
11. Be peaceful. Parise mindfulness, breathing and meditation. Do not miss these!
12. See yourself as the Godfather of circumstances. If you have a problem solve it. If others have problem, solve it. Just become a problem solver. You become a God father of all problems when you believe that God is your father. He will guide you through anything.
13. Be a light worker. Your life should be told as a story of inspiration. Do not question who am I to lead people. You are the work of great universe. Just do not hold back.
14. Be meek. That’s it. Just be meek.
15. Be steady in your decisions. Stick with the, Stand for them , represent your decisions with actions and show the universe that your decisions mean serious power of manifestation
16. Be self-controlled DO not let anybody’s words, actions or misgivings require your mind, body or tongue to respond. Everything, that means even response to any situations, must be your decision. You control everything in your life.
17. Do not eat more than required.
18. Be sane. Do not fall for the fascinating words of evil doers.
19. Be respectful of others.
20. Do not crave respect. Be worthy of it. If given accept it. If not given, become worthy of it and earn it. Do not crave for it.
21. Do not be serious. But be grave about the purpose of your life. Be grave about who you are. Be grave about how you carry yourself.
22. Be merciful and compassionate
23. Be the kind of person who become friend with anyone
24. Be an expert ion what you. No matter what it is. Become an expert
25. Be creative. Do stuff that keep you creative and poetic. Explore the mind, you explore the universe
26. Be silent. Only speak when necessary. Be silent.

If you have any desires in relationship, goals, wealth, business or happiness and is not manifested, it is because possibly you are breaking few of these rules. Fix them.

These are the rules of life to become a manifestation master. As told before do not read them. Follow tem thoroughly. Knowledge not applied becomes useless. Read again if you have to. Read 5 times if you have too.

Make notes. Make affirmations. Make life policies. Check honestly with yourself how many rules are you following and breaking or not following at all. Change all those bad habits and become a manifestation master.

You will never get wisdom like this elsewhere. Rules of Life for Successful manifestation.

Life Coach Venkat,
Founder, Avi Peron Academy

Learners who understand Law of Attraction still make few mistakes. Law of Attraction always works. It is a law. We fail. Laws do not fail.

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