The powerful 7 steps to make your 1 crore in 12 months as passive income.

The beauty of Rich people is they do not work hard for money. Instead Money works hard for them, so how does that happen? This post will take some time to read. I urge you to completely read this to know this passive income method.
They understand the concept of passive income sincerely.
If you have a business, that makes 2 lakhs per month, it takes you 50 months (4 years) to make 1 crore.
If you make 8 lakhs a month, you nearly make 1 crore in a year.
Now point is, these numbers are neatly achievable. The challenge is it is active income. Your presence during the operating hours of business is required. This makes it active income.
Most business hit 1 crore in 12 months’ mark. Yet it is still active income.
The True meaning of Rich is abundance. Rich people of abundance of time. They own their time. They have lots of money. They have lot of knowledge, love and compassion. They have big hearts. Also, they have passive income plan. They can make money even while they are sleeping. So who is earning the money here for them? The answer is Money.
Until you are rich by earning majority of your income as passive income, you cannot really enjoy being rich. This is the difference between people having lots of money and rich people.
Rich people have the liberty of time, free will, abundance of wealth that is created even while they are sleeping, quality relationships, peak fitness and strong health, fun, adventure and great service and contribution to humanity and planet. That is the real definition of being rich. Rich does not mean having lots of money. Rich means being abundant in everything you can have.
The Passive Income building Secrets of the Rich are simple following of these steps. Knowing this can powerfully put you in mindset of the rich people. Once you master these powerful steps you get immediate business strategies to increase your business income cash flow – that too passively!
So let us discuss ways of breaking your active business into a passive business model.
1. First step is Business Systemization
A system means a set of steps which done will always give a specific result only. Business systemization means putting all your tasks, processes and operations in an organized way such that it the result is always profit and value.
You can have an active business and still be a passive owner if you systemize your business. Set your business in a manner where your presence is minimized or least required. You will begin to own your time.
2. Business Dash boarding
If you analyze your business, there are few number or performance indicators which require monitoring. There are few ratios and reports that will help you understand how soon your customers buy, how the cash flow increases, how fast you close business deal and how does your sales and marketing perform.
Any business can analyze to find these metrics and develop a neat and automated business dashboard. A dashboard is set of data, report and visualization that easily helps you make meaning out of data. Even if you are a small business owner, these insights can help you make quick decisions for business improvement.
3. Marketing and Sales Systemization
You make money when you sell in business not when you make products or look at business dashboards. All Business process must work together to achieve the specific result called profits with value. Marketing and Sales Automation means with a simple routine you can get customers. Automating these two processes can make you feel as if you have the power to make money anytime you want – just like that. Want more, scale it up and create your own wealth. It is here you will begin to great influx of cash flow.
4. Customer Service and People Relationship
All business is relationship with people. If you are genuinely concerned about solving people’s problem with your product or service, then it will resonate across all your business organization. Whether small or medium sizes I super-sized, heavy focus on customers, wellbeing, adding value to their lives and solving their problem will change how you develop your products and administer your business, treat you customers, train your staff and sell your products. Selling fast food or smartphones, this is foundation of great business model.
Books, Music, Video games, apps and DVDs have changed the way publishing industry works. These categories of business just require one-time effort. Thereafter, they keep earning royalties with time. That is a great passive income source.
Any business can be thought of as an information business. Once you learn to see this perspective, you can leverage BMVAD techniques to make your passive income sources multiply.
6. Investment options
Investment in mutual funds, stock options and secured options yield returns with time. It takes any money to double 6-7 years of time doing nothing. When you have a crore to invest and you can make another crore by doing nothing in a definite period of time. That is power of compound interest. The interest you reap upon maturity can again be reinvested to keep multiplying your wealth. This is the millionaire’s secret.
7. Service – Give it back and pay it forward
You cannot be rich if you cannot give. This is a universal law. Only that is empty can accumulate. You must stand for a cause and contribute money, effort or time for this cause. Your ability to make money has purpose. When you stand for a cause and fulfil it, you become a better accumulator of wealth.
All rich people understand the importance of giving. Giving magnifies your wealth. Giving is great income multiplier. STAND for a cause and experience the bliss of giving and sharing. You will truly know to believe that you can be rich.
When you put these 7 steps as a business overhaul plan, you can accomplish the goal of hitting a crore in 12 months. Most people are capable of earning this kind of money. Yet they do not do the things that can create wealth. They do not want to systemize their business because are afraid to learn, or lazy to postpone or simply not interested.
If you invest effort, create a discipline of learning and dedicate time for business development and learning, any business skill can be learnt and implement. It IS THE ONE WHO BELIEVES THAT ACHIEVES.
There are set of secret ways that can be learnt together which can make you rich too.
Becoming Rich is joyful adventure. It requires you to manage your mind, focus, thoughts, beliefs, people, work, time, business and of course money. We have put together a neat learning course that educates you on how to manage your vital resources like mentioned here, to channelize and become rich.
These we call as “the practical and spiritual secrets of becoming rich”. This is like a school curriculum to become rich. And here is what you get in this course:
1. Learning to think like the rich.
2. You will learn how to maintain relationships with people. How rich people value people and spend time is different from others.
3. You will learn how to work like the rich people do. Rich people do not work hard for money. They work hard for their passion, cause and mission. Instead their money works hard for them.
4. You will learn the belief systems that make rich people rich. Very powerful.
5. You will learn how to manage time like rich people. Business, life, love, play, adventure, family and service – well they have time for everything. They are owners of their time. Hence they have everything in abundance. They are rich. Learn these time management secrets.
6. Learn the work principles of rich people. They work differently. Thy are never stressed out of their work. They manage life differently because their working principles are privy only to 3% of world’s population.
This is powerful learning system put together for anybody interested in becoming rich and unleash abundance of it in their life.
Who can take this course?
If you are a student, you certainly need this course.
If you are a mother or housewife, this course can empower your financial independence.
If you are a business owner struggling to get customers, yet know deep down that you deserve better income flow, then this is for you
If you are simply interested in installing passive income methods, then this course is for you.
If you are seriously interested in installing the millionaire habits, then this courses for you
If you would like to live the rest of your life – thinking like rich, operating business like the rich and celebrating a complete life like the rich – this course is the science + art + psychology behind becoming rich.
This is the most complete learning system put together for you. If you are interested in taking this course, please ping us on WhatsApp at +91 9059 949 657.

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