1 Amazing point you missed in learning law of attraction that makes you a manifestation master

Learners usually assume that law of attraction means to START using it by VISUALISING. That is plain wrong.

Law of Attraction is a LAW. That means even before you read about law of attraction, it had been working. It is a Universal Law. It would work anyway. Just like law of gravity, it works even if had not learnt about it. And certainly, there is nothing like let me use law of gravity! That is the point with law of attraction too. You cannot use it. You have to align with it.

Once you become aware of this, you can realize the difference between thoughts and feelings too. It is your feelings that drive your thoughts. Most learners read law of attraction as THOUGHTS ATTRACT THINGS. Now that is true. However you cannot feel any different from what you think. If you feel happy, you see happy thoughts. If you feel depressed on the other hand, you see depressing thoughts. And then again, if you feel excited, you attract excitement because that is what your thoughts are seeing. It is like your feelings are master of your thoughts. And we can control majorly what we feel. That’s the game changer with law of attraction that most learners miss.

So as long as you operate from thoughts mentality, you will do visualizations, read affirmations and also mediate upon manifestation. Yet after days, you come back complaining – these days it is not working!

Point is, if you shift your focus on FEELINGS, you will begin to understand that you can automatically see GREAT thoughts. In turn, such great thoughts attract great manifestations. So the other time you read, mediate or think – just for moment see what do you exactly feel. You always have the choice to change your feelings to happiness. That choice is called Gratitude.

When you begin to be immensely thankful, you feel awesome. When you feel awesome, you attract awesome manifestation. Simple. Isn’t it?

Now if you meditate, affirm daily and feel defeated and like “can I really get it?”, the universe responds saying – yeah, can you get it?? See my point now.

Meditations, Affirmation, Visualization are aids meant to help you FEEL awesome.

Now if you are already awesome, or if you do the above practices to feel awesome you are manifesting awesomeness

If you are not feeling awesome and do the above practices, you attract non-awesome results. Why? Because law of Attraction is always working silly dear.

Learners who understand Law of Attraction still make few mistakes. Law of Attraction always works. It is a law. We fail. Laws do not fail.

To help learners understand the wisdom of Law of Attraction Manifestation Mastery I have created the Law of Attraction Complete Manifestation Wisdom course. This course shall help you as an ultimate guide to completely understand Law of Attraction. Knowing this wisdom shall help in successful manifestation. With this, you can solve your current biggest problem right now.
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