10 Steps use law of attraction for money attraction?


  1. Law of Attraction cannot be used. It should be followed
  2. You must beleive you can attract financial wealth irrespective of your current financial circumstances.
  3. Once you beleive, have an open mind to learn anything about money making. Rich Minds are strong and consistent learners.
  4. You will begin to see signs of wealth attraction. People, books, courses, oppurtunities, events, meetings leading to financial wealth will be drawn towards you. Listen to them and accept them for your advantage
  5. Raise your willpower to do anything required to create money. whether it is becoming punctual to doing the most toughest job – say yes, start it and do not quit until you finish. Remember Willpower!
  6. Have a great self esteem. You will only attract what you beleive you deserve. So do more, think big, fail more, rise again and achieve more. Bigger self esteem equals greater risk takinga bility and greater actions so greater results of wealth attraction
  7. Develop the habit of consistency. What you do regularly becomes your frequency and you attract things of that frequency. Do money making, money saving and money investing habits. You attract more wealth.
  8. Awareness. People who are aware of money making oppurtunities simply make more money than you or me. So become teh kind of business man who is hungruy to learn all the business oppurtunities that is available out there and chooses the best one for this advanatage.
  9. Have fun with money you earn. Spend it on yoruself. Treat you and your loved ones with care, love, amenties and respect. Teach them that money is not the root of all eveil. Money is a loving energy and can be used to build happiness. (WHOEVER said money cannot buy happiness is harming your financial blueprint. Million dollars can enable to help thousands of people in very profound ways. Money can of course buy happiness for those people.)
  10. Give it back to society. Develop the habit of service. Make it a point to help the people around you with money. help the needy, homeless, under privileged with your money. Build a better planet.

Note that all of these habits can be followed right now. Do not let “I do not have enough money to buy/invest/save/give” fool you.


Yoru intention to save, invest, buy and give will be listened by the universe. And it shall send your resources and oppurtunities to learn and build wealth for yourself. Follow these 10 Steps to become Rich. This is how I did.


Becoming RICH requires 100% Focus, Dedication to your craft and a determined will to finish what you start. Rich people are focused on the end result. Therefore it becomes hard for them to give up. This week are you in your best form yet? To become a millionaire, break your goals down to becoming a half millionaire, to become earn you first crore rupees, to earn a monthly income of 8 lakh per month, to earn a daily income of 33k per day. So what are the activities in your routine that can yield that 33k per day is what will get you to your first 1 crore. From there when you make it 30 times bigger you are a half millionaire. Double that you are a millionaire. Start working on your daily blueprint today. You can become a millionaire in specified time span. Question do you remember your end result or not?


I am conducting Rich Minds workshop this SUNDAY, Jan 17, 2016. This workshop talks about the science and psychology behind getting rich. Just like what I have shared above, there are 21 principles of becoming rich. This workshop is priced at 2k. This is the guideline for how to develop a mindset like the millionaires do.

Expected Outcomes of this Life changing Session

  1. Your mind has poor recorded views on Money and Finance. This shall be corrected.
  2. How your current financial health is a direct result of that poor Financial Mindset shall be made realized
  3. Understanding the secrets of Law of Attraction for financial Abundance
  4. Comprehending the true meaning of Being Rich and preparing yourself to raise your financial blueprint
  5. Understanding how it feels like and how your thinking changes after raising the Financial Blueprint
  6. Sustaining the Abundant Mindset
  7. Manifestation set up process for your upgraded financial Goals
  8. Meeting a Divine Power which will leave you with boundless possibilities of financial wealth. Good news – it is already within you. We help you meet it!


An absolutely powerful way to shatter your mind and teach how to think like rich in just one day.

This Workshop is certainly for you!

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Wishing you loads of Abundance and Gratitude

Trainer Venkat

Founder, Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy


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