Middle Class to Millionaire to Multi-Millionaire. Read on to find the wisdom behind this.


Alexander had a mentor

Gandhi had a mentor

Einstein had a mentor who he would meet every Tuesday


To become a billionaire you need to have multi billionaire as your mentor

To become a millionaire, you need a multi-millionaire to be your mentor

To become better than where you are, you need a mentor who is already ahead of you and is willing to take you upwards in life. That’s the secret behind exceptionally successful people.

Robin Sharma, Harv Eker, Bernard Burchard, Rich Litvin, Steve Chandler, Ekalavya have all been my mentors. And I owe it all my teachers I met in life to my wealth of knowledge, money, experience, memories and material that I own. In short I would not have been as succesful and rich as I am today without these mentors along my way. I still do have mentors for physical fitness, mental toughness, Business Coaching, Relationship Wisdom and Emotional Intelligence.


I shall share briefly why you should have a mentor. Second I shall share my initiative to offer Life Coaching in my capacity as a mentor.


You can learn how to trade stocks like Ray Dahlio or Warren Buffet. You learn to fight like a UFC fighter. You can learn to build your financial freedom by raising from average to million dollars a year. You can get the love of your life. You can create the most loving place to work. You can become adept at any skill you want to.

Without a teacher, without a guru, without the mentor leading into light of such knowledge is not possible. I would not have become mentally tough and resilient if I was not coached by Robin Sharma. I would not have learnt how to raise my financial blueprint (which sky rocketed my earning ability) if Harv Eker had not taught me about thinking like a millionaire and operating business like a millionaire. I would not have established a prosperous high charging coaching business if I were not coached on successful high dollar coaching by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler. They were ahead of me. They were willing to mentor me. They were willing to change me. I was hungry to change to succeed and I did.


So to deliver on my first promise how can you get a mentor or go ahead like the mentors is you read a book a day.

Now reading a book a day is near impossible for many people. So the solution is a beautiful website or app that I have stumbled upon called Blinkist. Website at http://blinki.st/c0bc0ce2a88f


Blinkist helps you to read a book in just 15 minutes a day. Just 15 minutes!

Imagine how ahead you, your business, your life, you relationships, your spiritual growth or emotional intelligence would benefit with this kind of learning. In less than 2 weeks I have finished reading 11 books. Great Impact there!


Download your Blinkist using the link below:



Now allow me to deliver my second promise. In my capacity as founder of Avi Peron Life Academy I have been instructing people, coaching them, consulting businesses, challenging members, developing free and paid courses, blogs and YouTube content and so on.


I have realised that needs come in many sizes and one size does not fit all. Therefore I have combined most of my trainings and offerings into a LIFE COACHING PROGRAM Called the MASTER’S CIRCLE.

Here you shall be coached on

How to live a productive life?

How to develop a fit body?

How to develop mental Resilience of a tiger?

How to operate business like a millionaires (this one personally changed my life)

How to operate business to establish a world class brand?

How to become spiritually awakening?

How to develop your abundance score?

How to become more emotionally intelligent?

How to become the kind of person who is learning faster, changing after, adapting faster and generating 10x more money, more impact, more time and more life.

How to become financially free?

How to deal with office or neighbourhood politics successfully?

How to use power, knowledge, skill, influence and confidence for maximum life performance?

How to raise kids so that they can listen positively?

How to raise kids who would develop into Life stars

How to manage life, stress, work, goals and relationships beautifully?

How can you begin to impact the world immediately today?

How to seek direction in life?


Well such are the questions that any leaner seeking mentor has in their minds. So one course would not offer solutions to all the problems. However, a mentor ahead of you can lead you into light. Mentors help you become success icon and ensure you keep up with the same life performance for repeat success.


Master’s Circle is a sincere Life Coaching Club meant only for 16 learners. They shall be mentored primarily on Personal Development, Business Operations and Relations Wisdom. In short a school for maximum life performance.

So having a life coach to whom you can approach with any problem and return home with solutions. This is how my mentors impacted and I am paying it forward with the same model.


Master’s Circle is a premium service provided 4-5 times a month as a coaching call + mentorship discussion in a 16 member group coaching format. It is available at 20,000/- a year (huge discount here) or Rs. 3000/- a month. Topics for each coaching call would specifically address the participating member’s life problem. This is not a training club, this is a coaching club. At Coaching we are serious about results.



To get an understanding of how different is Mentoring, you can watch this video where How to solve life problems automatically is discussed.

Click now to download.



If you believe you need a mentor to lead your life in the right direction, this is for you. 2 seats have already been booked. To know more about Master’s Circle ping me on WhatsApp at +91 9059 949 657. Let us schedule to talk about this.


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