How law of attraction can help you to attract someone into your life? (Yes! It is possible)


Law of attraction simply states you attract what you think. Can a particular person be attracted in our life with the help of this law? This is a frequent question ringing in many leaners mind. In today’s article I shall answer this exact question in my capacity as a sincere Law of Attraction Teacher.

First of all the answer is YES, you can attract somebody into your life. How? Listen to the first statement – you attract what you think.

When we are initially attracted towards somebody that’s the first sign. Later, this feeling develops into crush and evolves into a stronger emotion called Love. Love is one of the greatest forces of attraction. As all of this happens, listen to your thoughts. Which though is running mostly in your mind?

The crush is a figment of your attraction. However, if you want to have this person in your life because you like him or her, that’s is not how it works.


First, your lover has their own light. They shine in this universe with their own living signature. If you cannot be lit by their light, you cannot attract that person. Your emotions are just fueled by your loose imagination but not true love.

However on the other hand, true love learns to seek this person out with absolute acceptance. BECAUSE they begin to see your acceptance as a welcoming sign to let them shine even brighter. Thus, they attract you while you love them.

Law of attractions says like attracts like. In relationships most of the times we are thinking about how this person should become my spouse. So therefore Universe will bless you with a person who is more responding to your thoughts. Oftentimes leaners confuse their crush to be this person in their head and secretly wish they could get married to this person. What happens in such cases you attarct a diffeent person who is exactly like what your dominat thoughts are describing instead of your lover.

While the Universal Truth is you can attract any person in your life when you are accepting them as who they are. When you allow them to light your soul up, you become one with them. You do not approach this person with preformed beliefs, expectations and rigid structures of thinking or societal norms. You simply see their inner light.

So in true love, the person loving is willing to change first to accommodate the light of their lover. How can you ever have a person in your life whose freedom of being is not accepted by you?

Most people fail in attracting somebody in life because they are still THINKING about how this person should behave, be and live in their life. Rather they should be thinking of How can I truly love this person as they are and allow myself to be change. How can I allow them to freely express That change is law of attraction.

So here are the steps to summarize what you just learnt

  1. Allow your lover to be who they are, that’s why you loved them in the first place.
  2. Do not keep thinking about how this person should be with you. (you love him or her because of how they are today, if you change them, you are going to be with a different person)
  3. Rather allow yourself to be influenced by their inner light and make space for their freedom within you. (you will immediately see the person drawn towards you affectionatetely)
  4. Accept them for who they are. (Do not measure the inner light of their soul with societal beliefs, thinking constructs and their past life).
  5. Relationships are like trees. Nourish them with TIME, LOVE, CARE, and ACCEPTANCE and allow the person to experience their freedom fully. That is how you can attract anybody in your life.


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Learners who understand Law of Attraction still make few mistakes. Law of Attraction always works. It is a law. We fail. Laws do not fail.


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