If dreams can became reality, what would you do first?

Goals Psoter Positioning 2

Imagine, you have fulfilled all your goals of your life right now. Stop reading and imagine for few seconds right now and come back.

OK cool. So how did you feel doing that? Accomplishing ask your life goals in all areas of your life feels great isn’t it?

Being in that for body, living the cozy dream home, having the love of your life, making a ton of money and having the world class vacation. That’s the life you deserve. You can have it when you achieve those goals. Right?

Now notice what you just did. You began of ask this with imagination. That also means you cannot have all of these in your life if you never imagined about them.

Here is the exciting part, what if you know how to translate that imagination into reality?

You imagine and you get it. Would that not be cool?

There is name for such method. It is called goals achievers formula.

First your imagination of your dreams, wants and desires are broken down into a list. This list is called the primordial list. The list will roughly have few things. What you must research, learn, do, buy, and prepare in order to achieve that goal are included in this list. They are all written down. Now this process is called brain storming. As a result of brainstorming your primordial list is developed. This is step 1.

All your other dreams and goals and wants are broken down into as many primordial lists. So after this, you begin to put together items from these lists into categories. Remember, we had research, learn, do, buy, prepare in ask the lists. So now we combine all primordial list items under those categories. This is step 2

Now you order reach item in those list in order of priority. This is prioritization. This is step 3.

Step 4 is where all the fun is. You are awake for usually 16 hours each day. Now you allocate time for each category within reach day. So you have time to research, time to learn, time to do, time to prepare, and time to buy and such. Since you have time to do, you end up doing all the tasks from your prioritized list according to the allocated time of the category. Step 4 is called allocation.

Routine development is where you combine your allocated tasks and daily habits. After this you get a very powerful super list. If you follow this super list each day, you end up finishing all the goals in your list with each passing day. Routine devilment is step 5. This is where your imaginations are being translated into reality using time. This is very powerful. You will In fact exactly know by which day you can accomplish your goals.

This is the goals achiever formula. There is method to translate any wish/dream/desire/want into a reality. Learn the Goals Achievers Formula and you can become a Serial High Achiever too.

High Achiever’s GOALS method Workshop

Sunday, December 27 , 2015

Skype Format Workshop

Duration: 6 Hrs. (1 hr Lunch Break + 2 short breaks)

Price: $50 or Rs. 3000/-

Outcomes of this workshop

 The world class results that is guaranteed out of this workshop attendees are

      • You develop the method to beat Goals LIKE you never achieved before
      • Immediate Goals System that will help you to prepare your own Life Dashboards like the Millionaires and World class Achievers.
      • More achievements each year for all 8 categories of your life – Physical, Mental, Business. Job, Financial, Fun, Adventure and Service goals
      • Self-esteem boost that you would experience makes you feel different like a Millionaire productivity champ.
      • The price for this workshop is definitely very less than the difference between you and the Millionaire Productivity Champ that you would become.

This is how the millionaires plan their life and live the most of it. Because they understand find is scarce and you have to translate am the goals within this life. Because live life only once.

High Achiever’s GOALS method Workshop can enhance the value of your life by huge margin. Get started with this Life changing workshop immediately. Learn this Goals Achievement Method., Become a Master Achiever like never before. This workshop is certainly for you!

Ping me saying you would love to attend the session and I will share additional insights on how can we take this further. Get back to me saying when can we talk? Ping me @ +91 9059 949 657

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