Where can you learn how to solve life problems? (in a school for life!)

As kids you would approach elders or teachers to learn something you wanted to do,

to learn how to do what you did not understand completely

to learn how to solve tiny problems.

Imagine a school for life where you can learn life skills like that. A learning destination

where you learn how to live in a fit body,

learn how to meditate for inner peace,

learn how to operate business and build wealth like millionaires do,

learn how to have loving, enriching and peaceful relationship with everyone

learn how to have great fun and adventure and learn how to serve the world leaving a legendary impact behind.

It is such life that enables you to experience it fully.


Avi Peron Academy is one such life school where you can learn Life skills like that. This is a Life School to learn how to live life with ultimate life performance.


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Thank you.


Trainer Venkat

Founder, Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy



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