How to solve life problems automatically?

AS USUAL Sanjay returned home dull and energy drained. His wife Leela was also worn out as they both were working People. Most of their evenings are like this. They hardly take time for their kids as they cook after returning from work. Life is highly engaged. Weekends are usually spend resting but not having fun. Sanjay was not happy about this situation. Even money they were earning would soon become just sufficient to run the family. Time runs no matter what. HE wanted to do something about his.

He was sipping coffee after his evening return looking a climber plant. The plant always grow up with time. Every day only showed growth to him. SANJAY wished even he grew something like this. Then suddenly something struck him hard in his mind. It was so obvious all these days. Yet he discovered right that moment. The climber was growing each day because it had a support!

Simple right! Time would pass anyway. However what if you can have time that creates health, prosperity, wealth, fun, freedom of time, great relationships, service and peace. To accomplish a life like that one would need a SUPPORT.

A support help you to grow with time. As more time passes you become more nourished and prosperous. That support in life is LEARNING.

Sanjay felt at that moment that he was doing the same thing each day in his life. He was repeating the forces each day that would only cause the same results to occur. Hence his life was stagnate. However, time was passing.

If he had a support system like the climber plant had, he would have a learning system with him. Such learning system is what enables him to learn more about health, wealth, building peace, having great relationships, learn how to become financially free, go out for great vacations each year.


This life is what we create from our minds. We cannot create anything different from what we are capable of thinking. And learning is very powerful. Learning adds something new in your minds, this newness will help you do something new each day now. This has created a difference in how you are doing things today and how you would did yesterday. Why? Because you learnt something new!


That is the power of learning.


Learning is usually stopped after one finishes their formal education in college. Most people stop learning between the ages of 23-28. Thereafter they live the rest of life based on what they acquired in those first few years of their life. This does not help much to deal with life situations as Time is constantly growing. Time creates better possibilities. However if you are not evolving with time, Time wipes you out of the game.

So Sanjay wished he could learn how to live life fully how to create wealth like a millionaire? How to achieve goals like a success lover, how to live in a million dollar fit body, how to have inner peace like a monk and business wisdom like an experienced entrepreneur. What if eve Leela learnt do to something like this? Their life would double the impact with time. What if they learn how to raise kids to become millionaires? Now family is creating impact manifold. What if all this becomes reality? What if they could really get hands on something like learning support system?

To help people like Sanjay and Leela is why Avi Peron Human Upliftment academy has created MASTER’S CIRCLE. This is a Life Coaching School where you continue to learn not how to survive how to live a fully lived life. Think of this like a school for learning skills to upgrade your life. Skills like entrepreneurship, building financial wealth, building rock solid foundation for your kids, having great relationships with spouses, how to create fit and healthy bodies and also maintain it, how to serve the world in meaningful ways, how to become a high achiever of success, managing your time, fulling your determination with self-discipline, mastering your confidence and building rock solid beliefs, create work like master pieces, become financially free with time, how to have more time to do what you love and work less and still ern more, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, negotiations, sales, marketing, parenting, gardening, mediation, yoga, freelancing, hiking, trekking, you name it we got it covered.


Master’s Circle is meant to Crete Life masters out of you. Where you take charge if your life and create anything you want. It bestows you with wisdom and power that can create anything you want in your life. To enable you, there is intense and powerful life coaching. These skills serve to play life better. We have system to live life, models to solve daily problems and processes to run your business and wealth building mechanisms to create wealth.


I am Trainer Venkat and I welcome you to an opportunity to create a new life by creating a new you. Learning can add that difference. And here I present you the first of the coaching calls of Master’s Circle.

Imagine living in a Strength Zone where as you face problems you automatically solve it. It is part of a Tribe. This Tribe of People learn to live in the STRENGTH ZONE and operate business, life and relationships in manner of BIG SZIE only. They solve problems automatically because they have trained their mindset to reach this Strength Zone. Sanjay and Leela can be part of this tribe. So can you.


Watch the first coaching call here:




Is that not cool?


You face the problems and you bounce back readily to solve them. Wow! That’s precious wisdom.


Now, before we begin let me outline the format for this coaching call. The entire session is expected to last between 2.5-3 hrs. Here is the format


  1. You learn from the coaching call provided in the link below
  2. After attending the coaching call you download the workbook and complete the workshop exercises. I will provide a workbook after you finish taking the coaching call. Or you may download it here:


I am excited to host this first Coaching session honestly. Here is the link to get started with the coaching call.


Begin Watching now:


Next download the workbook here:



You can ping me on WhatsApp to join my TRAINING CLUB for LIFE COACHING. Best part it is FREE. Ping me on WhatsApp at +91 9059 949 657.


Also you can join our Facebook Life Coaching Group by clicking the link below:



Very Important

There is way to solve your life problems. You can talk to me. Ping me at +91 9059 949 657. Talk to Me. We could solve your problem.


Trainer Venkat

Founder, Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy.






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