How does law of Attraction work practically? (Very rich content. Read thoroughly)



Law of Attraction. It has created quite a buzz in personal development. Trainers preach, raving fans shout on top of their voices, testimonies pouring on how it has changed their lives, media buzz, social shares and everything nice and big follows.

Well there are also people who would exclaim – “So what is all this fuzz about?”, “how does that even work?”, “do you have any proof?” Now in this article I would like exactly address this point. Most likely I will offer you the explanation how Law of Attraction practically works.

A certain student was gifted a caged parrot as a gift by his guru on his birthday. Delighted, the student asked the guru how he managed to get such a delightful gift for him. The guru answered it as a pleasant way of saying Thank you for his internship at his training dojo.


With curiosity brimming, the student asked further what made him choose a parrot. The guru and student engaged in a discussion further at this point of time.

What made you choose a parrot for me?

I have seen you chasing birds in the evening. I strongly assumed you liked birds.

But why parrot?

It seemed to me you particularly liked cashing these green coloured parrots and listening them chatter. My assumption became belief that you loved parrots. And would come to possess one.

So had you not seen me chasing the birds you would never come to gift me this bird today?


And today I am very happy and delighted for you gift. Thank you much dear Sir. I would not have come to feel this happy today had I not been your student.

Hmm. Yes certainly my dear pupil.

So Sir, my father decided that I should join here as your student. After I join, you figure out that I like parrots. And that you bring me this joy today. So they all are connected.

Indeed son, they all are.

So my father becoming a king. Wanting me to become a prince and enrolling me in this dojo and today’s gift are all connected?

Yes they are. And everything in between are also connected.

My father, the King of this piece of land had fought many kings and prices and warlords to become the king that he is today. Do you think Sir that my father’s fighting the past kings itself lead me to this joy today?

Yes son, all the events are very well connected. Now there are many others events that are connected here too.

Like how Sir?

Now notice that you father had been having food all these days, so were you. You father had been breathing air that kept alive through time till now. He has been receiving many things, using them, leveraging them to his advantage to survive and thrive. All these events of receiving itself is a result of other interconnected events.

Oh I see! Can you explain how?

Earth gives us food. This food is a result of sunlight. Animals and plants become our food. Earth itself exists because of its relationship with the sun. The solar system is intact and does not collapse because of its relationship with the other planets. The galaxies remain intact and are possible to exist because other galaxies exist.

Whoa! Now that’s a huge connection. So my delightful gift is connected with my father becoming a king and enrolling here. Which itself is a result of his receiving many gifts and many victories. My father existed because the earth existed. Earth exists because of the birth of sun. And all solar system and galaxies have existed and connected since the birth of universe.

Yes, dear this is point of realisation that heightens Universal Awareness. Once you reach this point of understanding you will understand that you were born with Universe. All events that manifest in your life as joy or problems are an illusion. There are no problems. There are no joy. They are just events. Right now, you are blessed to acquire the form a human body and dwell in it. It is a gift of time. You can create anything you want. Because you do not live in the Universe, you are the Universe.


So to say Master, I can create anything. Like Can I become a King like my father? Can I create gold? Can I create just anything? Now I understand everything and every events is connected right from the beginning of the Universe. But how can we create anything that we want?

The answer to the question is you hold the power to manifest the next series of events. Like how the parrot gift is a result of manifestation of its previous events, you can likewise manifest your OWN DESTINY by creating something now.

And how do I create that something?

There is a force that pulls every other particle towards itself. This is called the anu Shakti (or atomic/molecular forces). Planets are magnified representation of its constituent elements called anu (atoms). Just like that we are pulled towards the centre of earth constantly because of the gravitational force. However we are held by the surface of the earth. We are constantly being attracted towards the centre of the Universe. There is an influence of earth’s force on you always. This force is called gravitational force. Once you become aware of this force of attraction you can create that something.

outer space galaxies planets fantasy art artwork fantasy world 1920x1080 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_88

Can you explain how exactly can I use this force of gravitation?

No son. You cannot use this force of gravitation. It is already acting on you. You are already part of it. You are that force. You cannot use it because you cannot yourself. You can only live and manifest that force. There are series of events that shall arise from this moment. They are all result of this force. However, once you begin to raise your consciousness and become aware of the fact that you are present is a result of a huge chain of events leading back to birth of the universe, then you become a MANIFESTATION MASTER. It is a eureka moment for you of great discovery of self. You begin to fathom the true power of Universe. Which is nothing but you.

So Sir I do not use this force, but I am this force, correct?

Yes, as you live you are manifesting Life. You are unleashing the next series of events. However by altering a small path you can change the next course of events. That point of control is your thoughts. Your thought is a force emanating attraction fields. You attract whatever you see in your thoughts. That is your Destiny Writer.

But SIR, I have never seen you gifting me my favourite bird as a gift? How did that happen?

You attracted son. Every time you wishfully desired possessing that parrot you are setting a chain of events IN THE Universe. The forces of gravitation are manifesting them into reality. Manifestation happens. You never thought of this event not happening. Therefore Universe finds that as a way to manifest your desires.

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Wow so if I had believed that I can never have a beautiful parrot like this, Universe would close all doors?

No, Universe will still manifest that. You will never get that parrot with those thoughts. That is point of manifestation.

Hmm I see. So I can create anything I want. I simply have to think about what I desire. I am setting the forces in creation. Universe, which is me will receive whatever it creates. Wow. That is powerful.

An important note here. People fail to see the power of thoughts. When a daring dream ushers their way there are two ways people handle that dream. The first kind still dreams of possibility of manifesting that dream. On the other hand, the second kind of people THINK of how is it even possible to come out of this?

By THINKING, both are right. The first kind gets all he needs to know, all the resources, all the information, wisdom and power to manifest everything they want. Because they THINK what they want. THEY create. They are the Universe. They receive what they create.

By THINKING the second kind of people will also manifest – NOT receiving their Gifts. In both cases, the point is you can manifest and unfold the next series of events in your life. Whatever you THINK Manifests.

So Sir, you are saying that I have received because I was only thinking of possessing the parrot? I did not have any doubts or fear of being able to receive the parrot. I was so busy that one day I COULD manifest. Until I succeed in the manifestation. That is belief. So there is magic in believing because I CAN keep my thoughts only in the direction of possibility of creation and nothing else?

Yes dear, you were so busy with the joy of possessing that Universe could fulfil that wish in any direction it could. And here I am gifting you this parrot.

So Sir how can I create more?

You can by Giving.

By Giving?

Yes dear. By giving you create. All your creations are meant to be received by somebody. You see the forces of gravity is pulling your creations into their lives. And just like that is how you attract something into your life. The more you give, the more empty you become. The emptier you are, the more you can attract. The more you give forward, the more you receive from the other direction. Every time you receive you receive with GRATITUDE saying THANK YOU.


By being thankful you can very clearly see the long pattern of connection that you share with the Universe. The dog in your street, your immediate neighbour, the car parked in your lot, the sunshine, the rain, the moon, the people you love, the people you hate are all connected. By THANKING everything and everybody you become so powerful that can clearly come to appreciate the Interconnection in the Universe.

There are no problems. There are no joy. There are only events of manifestations. Thank every episode of your life. Thank everybody good and bad in your life, you begin to see the magic of life. You are only busy living, creating and giving. You change the course of history of this planet. You are will be legend. You become immortal with time. That is how powerful you become if you choose to become the first kind of person today. Believe. Create. Thank. Give. Every moment is a GIFT.

The student bows to the guru with utter respect.

I must admit Sir this knowledge that you have presented today is the gift of much bigger delight to me. You have enlightened me. You have set me free. I am The Universe. I can receive whatever I create in the Universe with the Joy.


Touching the Guru’s feet, the student is humbled. He seeks the blessings of the Guru. The Guru raises him up from below.

Upon coming up, the student experiences a sudden and powerful vision of Universal Reality gushing through his senses. He now is struck with the understanding that Universe is you and you have existed since the birth of the universe.

With the amazement of hi new found knowledge, the student proceeds to free the caged parrot. The parrot flees happily into freedom.

At this point the Guru reveals the parrot was never his gift. The Wisdom of Law of Attraction was his true gift. The guru declares he is now free to leave the training dojo as he has become a manifestation master. He is ready to become the King.

He Gave. He received.

(Most of us are clinging to petty desires and wants. These are your caged parrots. Once you know the truth, it sets you free. Once you become free you will understand that creating your own destiny is the biggest desire. You become free from caged parrots when you let them go.

People fret about law of attraction not working because they are busy attracting caged parrots with doubt. They feel disappointed and quit BELEIVEING. No magic happens.

But when you let them go, you receive your true destiny. There are no problems anymore. There is only Gift of Time. You can create your own DESTINY. Become the Manifestation Master. This is Law of Attraction working practically.)

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Learners who understand Law of Attraction still make few mistakes. Law of Attraction always works. It is a law. We fail. Laws do not fail.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.. I could relate your teaching with the lotus sutra of budha.. I could somewhere feel the inner peace and vibration of this narrative.. Its a great luck… I needed it at this point …. Thank you so much..


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