“So Sir what did you manifest after learning law of attraction? “(..very powerful answer inside)

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Now as a Teacher of Law of Attraction I often get asked – “So what did you attract using law of attraction?” Now here I want to shatter a myth. First I did not use Law of Attraction. As I share in the course too, we cannot use Law of Attraction, we are already operating under it. So I have mastered this secret.


I have allowed myself to flow with this alignment. Now this has helped me to understand a very profound truth. All you need is already created. All you want itself is predetermined. So instead of fretting about – LET ME USE LOA TO ATTRACT THE LOVE, DREAM JOB, MILLION DOLLAR MANSION, I emphasised on ALIGNMENT. I have accepted everything thrown at me, gifted to me, received by me. I practised everything as an act of gratitude.


Now mastering this takes time., It is a real test of life. But as you begin to close in, you understand that LAW OF ATTRCTION is a path. A path of Universal Truth. There is Good and Bad. When you begin to accept both with equal ease and gratitude you become a manifestation master. You begin to understand the language of time. There are no more failures or successes. In fact there is a GIFT called Life and it is lived with Belief, Gratitude and Joy. This Life itself is a GIFT. Everything you are receiving is an abundance GIFT. So I massively shifted my focus on Thanking everything I RECEIVE. The Life itself is the reward.


LOA helped me understand this Universal truth. So what happened?


  1. I ended a toxic relationship and landed with the LOVE OF ETERNAL LIFE
  2. I learnt how to think and operate like a millionaire. (I am on my way to make my first million dollars)
  3. I began to live in a Million dollar FIT body. A body where negativity and virility has no occupation. Divine Mind in a world class body
  4. I began to attract knowledge, opportunities,  networking, people, events, knowledge, information, wisdom, resources to bring what is in store from the Universe. It is like my living like this itself is asking. What I need, what I want
  5. I know now how to create anything in my life with money.


I have become the Manifestation Master. Meaning by living like I mentioned above I have harnessed the power to TRANSLATE my imagination into reality. – I have released my power of my destiny creation and started to create successful manifestation of healings, gifts, money, solution, health, absolute curing, miraculous lifesaving operations becoming successful, raised a revolution of though leaders.


I began to understand that I am blessed with the realisation of this truth and TRUTH sets you free. I can create anything. I started giving solutions, love, joy, care, peace to others. And then my life began to be filled with abundance of health, riches, love, affection, care, blessings and even more.


So LOA is to become a Manifestation Master you become a Master Giver. Give More – Receive More. eventually one becomes the CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE. That’s who I am. I am the child of GOD. I am the child of the Universe. I am already taken care of. I prepared for everything called LIFE. I enjoy Living by serving to the fullest. I am living the best life. I am son of God. That’s what is bliss of this truth.


When you learn, you become aware of this truth. Because truth is always there. You must begin to listen. Become the Child of the GOD.

That’s what I manifested. That’s my story.

Trainer Venkat.


Watch this Video to know how can you learn Law of Attraction completely.


Learners who understand Law of Attraction still make few mistakes. Law of Attraction always works. It is a law. We fail. Laws do not fail.

To help learners understand the wisdom of Law of Attraction Manifestation Mastery I have created the Law of Attraction Complete Manifestation Wisdom course. This course shall help you as an ultimate guide to completely understand Law of Attraction. Knowing this wisdom shall help in successful manifestation. With this, you can solve your current biggest problem right now.


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Very Important

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Wishing you loads of Abundance and Gratitude

Trainer Venkat. – Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy


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