7 Steps to become RICH from where you are.


97% of the population is poor or middle class. 3% of the population is made of millionaire and billionaires. Now these numbers also lead most people to believe that rich people must be big, powerful and evil. And that’s plain wrong

Rich People are good people. In fact Rich people are the nicest, warmest and the most pleasant people you will ever come to meet. The misconception that rich people are high looters or evil comes from the stigma that rich control everything. Rich People are very few and poor and middle class population is huge. This arbitrarily makes most ‘assume’ that Rich people control the rest of the world. In fact Rich People influence the world in the most possible way.

I am Trainer Venkat, founder of Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy. Today I am would like to share some insights on how exactly Rich People think differently and why it is important to know for you. This reading can change your mindset. So prepare yourself for a big change in your Mindset and life after this.

Rich people think differently for a reason. Rich people do not think of money. Rich people think of creating value. Rich People follow a Universal Secret. It is called Giving to become empty. Rich People give more. They give more money, more time, more work so that they can become emptier with respect to Universe. Now Universe rushes to fill in that gap after giving. Therefore the rich get filled with Money, Love, Health, Peace, Fun, Service and Adventure. Since they give more, they receive more. In fact they receive abundantly. Rich people do not just have lots of money. They have lots of everything! They are abundant. They have Rich Mind.

Now for a moment imagine yourself being rich. Not just Rich but Abundant. Close your eyes for few seconds imagine and come back. All right, so now think of yourself acting, talking, aiming, dreaming, walking, doing and living life like a millionaire. This feeling of driving you to dream unstoppably without any limitations is called abundance. You do not think of budget while buying, you do not think of less time, you do not think of Cannot do this. Instead you are busy buying and enjoying, busy doing and achieving, busy creating solutions.

Now contrast this millionaire YOU with your current YOU. There is a difference between them. And that difference is called Financial Blueprint. Financial Blueprint is the limit pre-determined by your minds based on the beliefs it holds. For eg: for you current thinking you already bound to earn x dollars per year. That means, if your financial blueprint has not changed yet you shall keep earning the same money even next year. Changing Financial Blueprint to high order thinking is first step in becoming the millionaire You. This is the first step in your Millionaire Story. Yes, you are a millionaire. Learn to raise your financial Blueprint.

Have you watched a eucalyptus tree grow? They grow usually tall, very tall. In fact they keep growing tall as if they do not know when to stop. Your millionaire self-learn to think like that tree. It knows how to keep growing financially. So in your step to become a millionaire you will come to understand that to make a million you have to help a million people.

In helping those million people is how they become super rich. They Give Solutions to millions. Remember Giving is universally powerful. By giving solutions to millions you become capable of receiving a million. So Rich People understand this well. They start solving their problems voraciously. They build a skill. Now they sell this skill as a product or service. This is sold as a packaged solution to million people. That is Million dollar secret. Help a Million to make a million by solving your own life problems.

There are people out there in huge numbers who do not know how to solve their problems. But you know! This is what you can leverage and become a millionaire. So that is how you raise your financial blueprint to think like a millionaire. Once you think like that, you make act, dream, dare and achieve like a millionaire. You will begin to think like the 3% and not like the 97% anymore. You are RICH. You are Abundant and You are a Millionaire.

In our mission to help millions, Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy conducts Rich Minds Workshops to help people learn the principles of thinking like a millionaire. The workshop aims to install a fresh and High Financial Blueprint. This is achieved by making you understand how your current financial blueprint has bene programed wrong by limiting beliefs, poor life experiences and programed beliefs that you picked from parent, friends and society. So this old financial blueprint is now replaced with a new financial blueprint as you learn the 21 principle so Thinking like a millionaire.

By sharing this powerful insights in this workshop one, you immediately start thinking like a millionaire. Two, you shall immediately work on your millionaire goals plan. This is a powerful experience of your life. That is how we intend to make you think like a millionaire in just one day training. This is how we serve millions and we share the exact financial blueprint strategy with you in this workshop.

This is what the members who have taken this workshop have left the workshop saying….

It was amazing! That is what I can say. For last few days I had not been very clear about deciding my financial goals in life. But now I can clearly see them. Not just that I have started implementing the action plan for my financial goals after this workshop.

Trainer Venkat’s insights helped me for sure. Having taken two workshops (Law of Attraction and Rich Minds) have taken these things to next level. I am very much thankful to you and Avi Peron for giving me such a beautiful opportunity to fulfil my dreams…Thank you so much once again…

Divya Sangalikar, UP, India

Thanks a lot Sir for this Great Knowledge. Enjoyed a Lot! It has helped me a lot in understanding the FINANCIAL issues of my present life. Your workshop has helped me understand the Financial Blessings I already have. I am able to improve on my relationships, understand the issues of my thinking which hold me from gaining money. I am thankful for new money making strategies like new saving schemes, Business & Passive Earning ideas!

Samarth Garg, Lucknow, India

Thank you bro for considering me to be a participant of this wonderful, profound, and so rich workshop. This has really a great effect on me and my financial goals. Really appreciate your nonstop hours of constant exchange of wisdom and great service and guidance towards developing our mindset to be richer in monetary, entrepreneurial, focus, gratefulness, decision making and love terms. The superb blueprints of your Workshop has really deeply affected with precision. I hereby declare to stick to my commitments so as to achieve the desired goals.

Grateful to God and the sources that helped me to connect to you and other wonderful sources of wisdom and knowledge. Hats off for your constant & persistent support for the self and the mankind.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Akhilesh Arora, New Delhi

Trainer has gone beyond his benchmark by conducting the Rich Minds workshop. The experience is truly amazing and is very useful. The insights shared are very powerful n is a life changing phenomenon…Thanks Venkat.

Bargavi Sarangan, Chennai, India

Really it was a great learning. The outcome of his workshop that roadmap has been shown to us. Now we have to follow and achieve our dreams

Abhishek Srivastava, India

Very clearly made me understand and elaborately given the details of Rich Minds work shop and how rich people think and work on their plans.

And helped me to develop my blue print level and guided clearly how to do that.

Actually I came to know LOA and Manifestation. But I got opportunity to develop my business skills and how rich mind works.

Enjoyed this session clearly explained. And thank you so much for giving time for me to teach us Thank you so much 🙂

GuruRaj , Chennai

Learn how you can become rich by raising you mental Financial Blueprint. Watch this video

Rich Minds – How to think like a Millionaire Master Class Workshop

Sunday, 15 November, 2015

Where – on Skype

Made available for $30 or Rs. 2000/-

Expected Outcomes of this Life changing Session

  1. Your mind has poor recorded views on Money and Finance. This shall be corrected.
  2. How your current financial health is a direct result of that poor Financial Mindset shall be made realized
  3. Understanding the secrets of Law of Attraction for financial Abundance
  4. Comprehending the true meaning of Being Rich and preparing yourself to raise your financial blueprint
  5. Understanding how it feels like and how your thinking changes after raising the Financial Blueprint
  6. Sustaining the Abundant Mindset
  7. Manifestation set up process for your upgraded financial Goals
  8. Meeting a Divine Power which will leave you with boundless possibilities of financial wealth. Good news – it is already within you. We help you meet it!

An absolutely powerful way to shatter your mind and teach how to think like rich in just one day.

This Workshop is certainly for you!

For my Facebook Community, Whatsapp Family and Blog Readers I slashed the price from the usual $299 for this Masterclass. The Skype format helps to conduct the Masterclass at heavily discounted price. We would therefore love to see you in our audience. Universe is calling. Listen to it and tune into financial abundance forever.

Rich Minds Workshop has changed people’s lives. People have shed their old financial self and chosen to become millionaires. People thinking how can I ever be a millionaire when I am just ordinary middle class working person, have come to install HIGH financial blueprint and started asking questions like how can I help a million people and become millionaire with the wealth of knowledge and experience I have? What more should I Learn to make myself capable of becoming a millionaire mind? How can I become a billionaire after becoming a millionaire?

And the answer is learning. Learn how to think, act, plan and execute like a Millionaire and you will end up doing. So take this Life time opportunity and unleash the Financial Abundance for the rest of your life ever-growing like that Eucalyptus tree.

So such are the secrets, tiny and big, that the RICH MINDS have known.to know more such secrets, please do subscribe by filling this form below and you will be sent such secrets five times a week directly to your inbox.

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I would love to talk to you to help you understand the Law of Attraction. You can ping me at DIRECTLY at +91 9059 949 657 on whatsapp. You will thank me after I SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. My skype id is bjvegeta. Talk to me. I can solve your problem.

Wishing you loads of Abundance and Gratitude

Trainer Venkat. – Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy

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