How you can become a millionaire by following this principle.


Let me tell you something very powerful. There is a difference between rich people and people with lots of money. Rich people think abundantly. They think in language of more. They think big, they think more, they think everything.   Ever read quotes that say, Money not everything. Teach your kids value of love not value of price.


Money can’t’ by you happiness. Money is root of all evil. The rich plunder the poor. It is better to love hearted than money minded person.   Now let us put this in context of Law of Attraction. When we engage ourselves in such thoughts we are actually harming ourselves First the idea of rich people is seeded wrong. Second you are distancing yourself from financial wealth. Here is how it works.


Every time you say money is root of all evil, I have enough money, Love is all needed, the rich plunder the poor you are laying a foundation in your subconscious mind that money is not good. And you strive to be a good person. So the more good you become, the more you distance yourself away from money. And people wonder why they have financial problem


Hi, I am trainer Venkat – a sincere teacher helping people raise their Financial Blueprint and tune it to abundant thinking. Having touched lives of many with abundance with ‘Law of Attraction –Manifestation Secrets’ Workshop, I take this opportunity to serve others with this wisdom in “Rich Minds- Law of Attraction for Financial Success” Workshop.


We all can be richer only up to the relationship we have with time. Rich people have powerful relationship with time. First they respect time. Two, they worship it. Because they know that their becoming RICH is functionally dependent on how they UTILIZE time.

Rich People therefore do not multitask. They do once thing at a time and finish what they start.

This principle can unleash great opportunities for you. Work and channelize your best faculties of energy knowledge and time on the Highest priorities. Live World class Life today.

I welcome you to the Rich Minds Workshop.


Rich Minds – How to think like a Millionaire Master Class Workshop

Sunday, January 10, 2016 Starts at 10.00 AM

Duration: 5-6 hrs (2x 15min breaks + 1hr lunch break)

Made available at $30 or Rs. 2000/-


Expected Outcomes of this Life changing Session

1. Your mind has poor recorded views on Money and Finance. This shall be corrected.

2. How your current financial health is a direct result of that poor Financial Mindset shall be made realized

3. Understanding the secrets of Law of Attraction for financial Abundance

4. Comprehending the true meaning of Being Rich and preparing yourself to raise your financial blueprint

5. Understanding how it feels like and how your thinking changes after raising the Financial Blueprint

6. Sustaining the Abundant Mindset

7. Manifestation set up process for your upgraded financial Goals

8. Meeting a Divine Power which will leave you with boundless possibilities of financial wealth. Good news – it is already within you. We help you meet it!

Learn how you can become rich raising you mental Financial Blueprint.

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Wishing you loads of Abundance and Gratitude

Trainer Venkat. – Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy

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