Learn how the millionaires manage their time for continuous Ultra Success. (training video inside)

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Time management is a great asset for productive life. It is true that time management is an important part of leadership education. Leadership education would develop leaders into masters of time utilization. Time is the rarest commodity. We all have a limited timeframe to accomplish the most out of our lives.

So, managing your time equals managing your life. Successful people are great leaders too. They lead themselves very well. And that means they manage their time exceptionally well. They understand the secrets of time and develop that into a powerful world-class routine. And in this article I’m going to talk extensively about this serial high achievers are people who succeed in accomplishing these goals.

One after the other with great ease. It’s like they have a formula for success which they repeat with every life category. This formula is called, the world-class routine. Routine is set of activities that you intend to complete on a given day.

With so many goals, events, meetings, desires, wants, needs, small and big, tiny and huge, tasks, Daily chore, and so many more managing time times seems like a really overwhelming task. However, when you understand the fundamental principles for developing a powerful life routine, what you must do next becomes very clear. And when we know what to do next, we don’t fear. Instead, the acting confidence.

Imagine like this. You have a list of learning, list of buying, list of goals, list of past and achieved goals, list of future dreams, list of tiny tasks, list of huge does and list of everything else. Now we leave all these lists into a powerful daily routine. Now this routine success as a template for success.in short, what I mean is if you follow this routine for the next few months it’s going to definitely help you accomplish your goals, dreams, desires, need fulfilment and everything else definitely. Therefore this is not just a time management plan, but a life management program.

The world-class routine will serve you as a powerful life management guide. There is an education on how to develop the skills to build your own world-class routine for your life. This life is essentially talking about how to succeed continuously and rigorously with great certainty. High achievers are a different breed of people. They are not just successful but they also know how to be successful every game they play in their life. Therefore they succeed in achieving their goals in relationships held mental well-being financial health, fun, adventure and service.

The secret behind this powerful routine development is weaving. Weaving is a method of putting together all the list together in a structured and prioritized manner. Later this list is developed into a routine, we shall give you a clear-cut idea in how many exact days would you be able to accomplish your goals. While this is still tentative because if you are keeping up with this routine. Chances are, you might actually accomplish your goals much sooner than you thought.

Incorporating learning, buying, strategies, meaning, time management, project management, people management, learning management, service management, fun and adventure management and relationship management. This is a must-have arsenal for anybody who is willing to make most of their lives. This is the ultimate success system for people who are looking to become high achievers.

I am trainer Venkat. I specialize in building systems, models, and processes for powerful coaching.my intention is to build a powerful routine system for you which always gives success if followed. The outcome of my coaching is usually successful in life transformation. With the goals workshop, I sincerely want to raise the goal achieving capability of my learners. Time is scarce. Achieving more out of this time is an art + skill + science. And we have developed this into a powerful learning experience.

Join me on this powerful workshop to experience world-class life transformation. Learners armed with this routine development knowledge have turned out to become world-class successful high achievers.so if you are interested in joining this brand of high achievers, then this workshop is a must for you.

You can watch this video to learn how the high achievers build their goals achieving system.


Goals – Developing a World-class Time Management for Serial Success and High Achievement

Sunday, January 3, 2016

This Powerful Coaching event is on Skype.

My Skype id is bjvegeta

Coaching Fees: $50 or 3000/-

Outcome of this Powerful Coaching Experience

  • First establish a list of dreams across different areas of your life
  • Build these dreams into goals.
  • Develop a Goal achievement plan using the High Achievers Formula
  • Then breakdown this plan into a daily routine.
  • This routine is doable. What is doable is achievable.
  • Dreams are now converted into a doable action plan.
  • Now, life is not so easy and smooth. So strategies and tactics on how to manage life interruptions and your new goals plan will also be shared.
  • Continued coaching support will be provided to keep a tab on your achievement rate beyond coaching.,
  • It is like – “Do this – and make your dreams reality – in x days” You will know how to figure out this X days with certainty.
  • This is the ultimate Life management program meant for anybody who is willing to become high achiever + serially successful.


Thanks a lot Venkat Sir for such an enlightening workshop and also for helping us setup an ideal routine.

Mounika Molagara, India

Thank you so much has venkat for such a wonderful workshop today… Most thankful to you for sharing your secrets… I am sure your tactics will help me in achieving my goals… It’s must have for each one of us… Thank you so much once again

Divya Sangalikar, UP, India

Mr Venkat’s workshop is far than just a learning Tutorial of beautiful LOA but this is an abundant experience of getting to know the inner you. I cant even thank u Mr Venkat on how u saved my life by teaching me to find my inner self and being in one with the universe and seeing Miracles happen almost each day to not me but others around me, than u thank u thank u for letting me remember WHO I REALLY AM and that is A CHILD OF GOD LIKE ALL MY BROS AND SISTER, God bless You. I look forward to my miracles.

Happy Journey with my wife and kids and everyone around the world teaching and making them ONE with happiness

Thank u ALWAYS Mr VENKAT. One love. One heart. GODBLESS u my close brother.

Chanin Johnson, USA

Join me on this powerful workshop to experience world-class life transformation. Ping me on Whatsapp at +91 9059 949 657. Let me know when can we talk?

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