What RICH PEOPLE do differently from others? And yes, it works!!

What RICH PEOPLE do differently from others? And yes, it works!!

Ever read quotes that say, Money not everything. Teach your kids value of love not value of price. Money cant’ by you happiness. Money is root of all evil. The rich plunder the poor. It is better to love hearted than money minded person.

Now let us put this in context of Law of Attraction. When we engage ourselves in such thoughts we are actually harming ourselves First the idea of rich people is seeded wrong. Second you are distancing yourself from financial wealth. Here is how it works. Every time you say money is root of all evil, I have enough money, Love is all needed, the rich plunder the poor you are laying a foundation in your subconscious mind that money is not good. And you strive to be a good person. So the more good you become, the more you distance yourself away from money. And people wonder why they have financial problem

Let me tell you something very powerful. There is a difference between rich people and people with lots of money. Rich people think abundantly. They think in language of more. They think big, they think more, they think everything.

So rich people do not say money is root of a evil. In fact rich people see money as loving energy that can help them take care of their family members in more meaningful and profound ways. They see money as energy to build people’s lives. They see money as energy to raise life standards of people around them, people working with them people they love and  of course about theirs too. Rich people understand they want love and money. They do not talk with limited mindset stating Love is enough. Remember they think BIG, They think both, they think abundantly.

Most people would assume being Rich to having lots of money. That is not true. Being rich is about having a particular mindset. This mindset shall provide you with love, money, fun, adventure, service, happiness, health and inner peace. You see, money is a byproduct of this mentality. That’s why some people are RICH – they have it all – at the same time. While others just have lots of money because they are not RICH MINDSET enabled.

The key to strong Financial Health is having a RICH MINDSET. Such secrets are derivatives of the knowledge of Law of Attraction itself. Mastering such knowledge will make you an Abundance Magnet. Such are the powers of this knowledge.

Hi, I am trainer Venkat – a sincere teacher helping people raise their Financial Blueprint and tune it to abundant thinking. Having touched lives of many with abundance with ‘Law of Attraction –Manifestation Secrets’ Workshop, I take this opportunity to serve others with this wisdom in “Rich Minds- Law of Attraction for Financial Success” Workshop. Extending the wisdom of Law of Attraction, this workshop helps to raise your financial blueprint to abundant mindset. So that you learn to become financially free. The prime secret of Rich Minds is they do not work for money – money works for them – that’s truly becoming financially independent!

If you do the same things in life you get the same results. However if you add something different you start doing different things and DIFFERNECE happens. Learning the Law of Attraction Secret for Financial Success will tune your mindset to Abundance. Add value in your life to get different results.

The Rich Minds Workshop – Law of Attraction for Financial Success

This Weekend on Skype. Starts at 10.00 AM IST

Duration: 5-6 hrs (2x 15min breaks + 1hr lunch break)

Made available at $30 or Rs. 2000/-.

Ping me on Whatsapp @ +91 9059 949 657

Also, My Skype id is bjvegeta

Expected Outcomes of this Life changing Session

  1. Your mind has poor recorded views on Money and Finance. This shall be corrected.
  2. How your current financial health is a direct result of that poor Financial Mindset shall be made realized
  3. Understanding the secrets of Law of Attraction for financial Abundance
  4. Comprehending the true meaning of Being Rich and preparing yourself to raise your financial blueprint
  5. Understanding how it feels like and how your thinking changes after raising the Financial Blueprint
  6. Sustaining the Abundant Mindset
  7. Manifestation set up process for your upgraded financial Goals
  8. Meeting a Divine Power which will leave you with boundless possibilities of financial wealth. Good news – it is already within you. We help you meet it! J

After doing first LOA workshop, there were few doubts in my mind which got cleared in this Rich Minds session. Since last few days I was not very clear about deciding my goals in life, But this session has helped me see what i want and HOW to go about them withinn the deadline….Plus, I Have started implementing it!!!

Venkat’s insights helped me for sure. Before knowing about LOA also I used to believe In attracting things in life, but after the two workshops by Trainer Venkat I have taken Attraction of things I want to whole new level. I am very much thankful to you and Avi Peron Human Upliftment Academy for giving me such a beautiful opportunity to fulfill my dreams…Thank you so much once again… It was amazing! I can say that definitely!!

Divya Sangalikar, UP, India

Enjoyed a Lot! it has helped me a lot in understanding the issues of my present life. Because of which I am able to recollect the present Financial Blessings I have. I am able to improve on my relationships, understand the issues of my thinking which hold me from gaining money. I am thankful for new money making strategies like new saving schemes, Business & Passive Earning ideas! Thanks a lot Sir for this Great Knowledge.

Samarth Garg, Lucknow, India

Thank you bro for considering me to be a participant of this wonderful, profound, and so rich workshop. This has really a great effect on me and my financial goals. Really appreciate your non stop hours of constant exchange of wisdom and great service and guidance towards developing our mindsets to be more rich in monetary, entrepreneurial, focus, gratefulness, decision making and love terms. The superb blueprints of your Workshop has really deeply effected with precision. I here declare to stick to my commitments so as to achieve the desired goals.

Grateful to God and the sources that helped me to connect to you and other wonderful sources of wisdom and knowledge.

Hats off for your constant & persistent support for the self and the mankind.

Thanku Thanku Thanku

Trainer Venkat.

Akhilesh Arora, New Delhi

Trainer has gone beyond his benchmark by conducting the Rich Minds workshop.The experience is truly amazing and is very useful.The insights shared are very powerful n is a life changing phenomenon…Thanks Venkat..

Bargavi Sarangan, Chennai, India

Very clearly made me understand and elaborately given the details of Rich Minds work shop and how rich people think and work on their plans.

And helped me to develop my blue print level and guided  clearly how to do that.

Actually I came to know LOA and Manifestation. But i got opportunity to develop my business skills and How rich mind works.

Enjoyed this session clearly explained. And Thank you so much for giving time for me to teach us Thank you so much 🙂

GuruRaj , Chennai

Watch this video below to know more


I am trainer Venkat. I specialize in helping people with the wisdom of law of attraction. Most importantly, I am known for my ability to solve people’s problems effectively. Because that’s what I love to do. Let me know when can we talk over Skype or over phone to discuss more on how developing Millionaire Mind-set. We can talk more on how the Rich minds think differently, how they teach things about money to their kids, how they flourish their business with a different perspective, how they use money to enrich their life, how they do not complain when they don’t have money but rather go out there and create it.

If you wish to know more about how Rich Minds think and operate their business and life differently from poor or middle class businessmen, then you can talk to me on Skype or Phone. Ping me on Whatsapp @ +91 9059 949 657 . My Skype id is bjvegeta. Talk to me. I can solve your problem.

Connect with me on whatsapp. Ping me at+91 9059 949 657. Get back to me saying when can we schedule to talk. So,

let me know when you could talk?

Watch this video below to know more


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