Where are you going wrong with Law of Attraction?


Learners fail after understanding Law of Attraction. Most learners approach with the foundation that they can start using Law of Attraction. And that is plain wrong!

Law of attraction is a Law. Law of gravity is a law. We do not use law of gravity. We already operate under this law. Now whether we know about gravity or not, whether we believe or not gravity always works. Exactly that is how Law of ATTARCTION WORKS. Infact LAW OF attraction is another way of saying law of gravity.

The forces that keep the planets and solar systems infact are the very systems that keep and me moving. Now let me help you under this better in a short sweet manner.

When Newton saw the apple falling it was under the influence of gravity. Every time man moved in search of food or wandering in nature or trying look safe shelter they moved. Now man MOVED because he saw something moving – air swaying trees, sunlight leading way, stars guiding in the nights. Now if notice the stuff that MOVED man were already under influence of gravity. Gravity allowed winds to move, sun already was under influence of gravity and so are the stars. So there is a deeper connection that allows to become one with Universe. Law of gravity is law of attraction.

Now the law is already influencing you. You cannot use it. Understanding this helps you to speak this language of Attraction much better. That is how you attract whatever you want. Most learners get the wisdom part wrong and try affirmations, mediations and visualizations. Do they work? Yes! If you are using them with the right language.

And if you speak the language of USING law of attraction, then the wisdom did not get right in your head.

Law of Attraction is the ancient wisdom discovered and documented by mankind because it is mother of all wisdom. Every problem has its solution created alongside. One must learn to attract this solution into life. Law of Attraction helps learn exactly just that. This wisdom has helped the famous 3% to correct the course of their life and become closer to the life they wanted. You can too.

When the time is right, the knowledge appears too. Perhaps this is your opportunity.

I am Trainer Venkat. I specialize in helping people with the wisdom of law of attraction. Most importantly, I am known for my ability to solve people’s problems effectively. Because that’s what I love to do.

I would love to talk to you to help you understand the Law of Attraction. You can ping me at DIRECTLY at +91 9059 949 657 on whatsapp. You will thank me after I SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM J My skype id is bjvegeta. You may participate in the Coaching Calls I conduct every week for all learners.

Also, I have created an online self-paced course for you so that you could take this course from anywhere. The course is called Law of Attraction – Complete Manifestation Wisdom.

My sincere intention with the course is to help you develop a strong skill of successful manifestation. It is not just knowing law of attraction but it is about living your life in absolute conformity with the Universal Law of Attraction.

The course is priced at $10 only instead of regular $299. Thanks to your sincere readership I have made it extremely affordable and available in this format for global access. Simply click the link below to get the course directly at the discounted price.


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