How to live life by a system which will result in Million Dollars?

How to live life by a system which will result in Million Dollars?

Thank you all for participating in Million Dollar Life coaching call. To summarize for others, I talked about a system which if lived can give you million dollars, peak productivity, peak health, abundance of inner peace, love, fun, adventure and service. How to live a life that help you accomplish all of this. That formed major part of yesterday’s coaching call.

First, introduced to 8 life categories. They are physical, mental, job/business, financial, relationships, fun service and adventure. Life is made of these categories.

Now for all of these categories must reflect changes – I mean million dollar changes. To know how much you are growing across your life categories, we have parameters.

Parameters help you to understand how you moving closer to a life routine that can result in million dollars, peak productivity, peak health and abundance of love, fun, adventure and service.

So here is the million dollar life secret

For physical – A workout everyday (#habit revolution group shall help you seeing up your workout).

For mental – your parameter is inner peace. To grow that you practice Zen Meditation. As usual, we provide the resources.

For job/business/financial health the parameter is learning. You have to learn something new to grow. Rich people are constantly serving people. When people you are constantly helping people, you make better money because life to pay you. They love it when you solve their problems. They do not mind paying a convenience fee. To make millions, help millions. (I have an upcoming master class on how to become a Millionaire Speaker for authors, coaches and speakers)

So the parameter for these luge categories is Learning. You must learn to constantly look up opportunities to help people. Books, videos, courses, webinars, seminars, workshops, coaching calls, challenge groups and what not. You want to learn a particular skill like say parenting, business management, programming, fitness, cooking what not, we got it covered. We can help you with a learning calendar.

Learning makes you think differently because you added something new. That means now you can solve new problems. So it means you can earn money in new opportunities. Count on #habit revolution group to help you set up with your learning.

For fun relationships and adventure you must take Time. Time is the parameter here. So, sit down a prepare your fun list – things that make you feel good, adventure list – things that you would love to do before you die and Time for your relationships each day. Know when you will be spending time with each member of your life. Loved ones, dear ones, clients, people who work for you take time for them. These relationships nourish you. Invest in them, with your time.

So that’s the parameter list for all your life categories. The hard part is doing them each day. The good post is this is a million dollar life system. So we have #habit revolution group that helps you set up with accountability. We are watching you, we are there to help you, we are there to lift you up and keep going when you fail. In life it is okay to fail but not okay to give up.

So join the #habit revolution to live a life system whose result is Million Dollar Life.

Anybody willing to understand this Habit Revolution Better kindly watch this video. Join the challenge club for free forever!

Stay blessed – Trainer Venkat.

I am trainer Venkat. I specialize in helping people with the wisdom of law of attraction. Most importantly, I am known for my ability to solve people’s problems effectively. Because that’s what I love to do. You can stay connected with me on whatsapp. Ping me at+91 905-994-9657. Also, you can check my Law of Attraction Course here:

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