Yes, Law of Attraction works. This is what happened with me!

Yes! Law of Attraction works. This is what has happned with me!

So people ask me does law of attraction really work. Is universe really willing to give all that you want effortlessly? The answer is yes!

A week ago my favourite tablet broke down. This tablet was indeed my most beloved one. I was so attached to it. There was an emotional attachment to this tablet. Besides it had come along way on my life journey serving me as a great assistant and friend in need. By now it worked no more. Why? Because I was trying to tinker with it and something went haywire. Actually everything went hay wire.

Then the decision to buy a new tablet was being formed. Work was halted and what inched me more was the fact that I did that to my favourite tablet.

In my capacity of Law of Attraction teacher I had coached few really inspiring people on this wisdom. Divya Sangalikar was one of my students. When I shared this plight with her, she reminded me to believe that everything that happens is helping you become a better person. Now that made sense twice. One, she was right. Two, I had taught the same to her and now it came back at the right time to me. World is Round.

Divya is an inspiring client. And I love to coach inspiring people. People who are on a mission to impact the world. People who have a deep sense of purpose. People who display a rare sense of commitment. People who know what they are willing to give in exchange for their Life Purpose Gaols. Divya is one such person. Divya is also part of Fitness Challenge Group, a gruelling 90 day Extreme Home Fitness Regimen. I am glad she made it through and is already on her second fitness challenge group – raising the bar constantly.

As part of my coaching calls, I consult my students over life, business and other important life stuff over skype. I had an upcoming Business Mastery Class which would help coaches with a message to help them take their speaking business to Millionaire Level. This is a Speaker Business system that would help coaches, trainers and mentors take their message to millions.

There is a system to win anything. BUSINESS MASTERY coaching classes included one of these topics – which is also one of my upcoming Masterclass. I shared a Product Blueprint with her, in a very rough and vague manner. She under stood the gist of how the Millionaire Speaker system works. She was overjoyed. She was overwhelmed. She just realised how abundant she could be. She knew it was time to take steps to become that millionaire speaker.

Post my tablet disaster, I was looking websites to figure out who could be my potential partner. My old tablet was down beyond repair. So I had no choice and I stumbled upon Xiaomi Mi Pad. With a whopping 192 core Kepler GPU – this was obviously my next tablet. No doubt it. SO I HAD STARTED TO MAKE ARRANGEMNETS TO BUY finally. Miraculously there was a price drop around the time I had intended to buy.

Now Divya beyond her Millionaire Speaker coaching had expressed her wish to buy the same tablet as a work companion. With her ever surmounting joy new possibilities, she was already excited with creative possibilities that lay ahead of her. As we departed, I casually told her – ‘why don’t you place another order for me as well?’

With no time to waste, she immediately placed an order of Xiaomi Mi PAD Tablet – shipped to my address. And I was Awestruck.

I would have bought that tablet anyway. But what struck me was my client was so moved with the possibilities I had opened up for she was willing to solve a problem for me. She gifted a solution to me just like how I had solved her problems when she came to me to my first workshop on law of attraction. She had continued with me Fitness, Business Mastery and Internet Millionaire Speaker Coaching. With all the due respect and faith she had in me propelled her to solve a problem for me. That moved me. That made me emotional. That made me come to you and say – YES LAW OF ATTARCTION WORKS.

The universe was willing to solve my problem effortlessly. I was sent to solve Divya problems. Divya had come back to me help me solve my problem. Energy is a medium and must be exchanged. This is how Universe worked out in our favours. Together I grow with my clients.

In my sincere gratitude and happiness I thank Universe for blessing me with such inspiring clients who have great energy and vision to impact the world and client who are willing to commit to levels of demanding excellence that I put on them.

Today, 17 August, 2015 I received my Mi pad TABLET and it gave me goosebumps. It made me come closer to my faith in power of Universe. God surely does take great care of me. We all are children of the Universe and Sir Jesus in a great kind father. I was convinced again that I am son of God. For he takes care of me – EVERYTIME.

I offered my upcoming Millionaire Speaker Business Masterclass to Divya as a Free-Pass. Why? Because she earned it. She has a ton to do ahead and I am sure she will commit to this excellence and bring a great change in the world.

Law of Attraction is all about becoming a giver. Be a strong giver. You become empty. Since you are empty you become capable of receiving more. That’s how you become a strong Giver. That’s how you become abundant. SO yes Law of Attraction works. Whether you believe or not – it is always operational.

And, Millionaire Speaker Masterclass is a systemised method to help coaches, trainers, mentors and teaches take their expertise to the world in an abundant manner. If you are a teacher and have a message but are struggling to make a large audience and leverage internet platform to earn the fortune you deserve. A system is a set of tasks that if done would yield the same result every time it is done. Similarly what if you had a Speaker  Business System that if used would always result in value, profit and success? That kind if system for speakers is what We coach in Millionaire Speaker Masterclass.

This is an invite only Masterclass. And I do not coach everyone. There is a high criteria to qualify. You must be willing to impact the world, you must be inspiring to work with, you have a deep purpose of life, you must be on a mission to change the world, you must be willing to solve problems of others with your expertise, you must be willing to take up challenges and most importantly you must be fun to work with. That’s how this works.

And Divya Sangalikar my dear, you are part of it.

Thanks Divya, Universe blessed me with another sister who would take care of me. With deep gratitude AND in the name of the LORD bless you with abudnance of everything. Your damily be blessed, prosperous and abundant forever more to come. AMEN

Thank you reader for reading this.

I would love to talk to you to help you understand the Law of Attraction. You can ping me at DIRECTLY at +91 9059 949 657 on whatsapp. You will thank me after I SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM J My skype id is bjvegeta. Talk to me. I can solve you problem.

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Stay Abundant. Universe is calling you, where are you?

2 thoughts on “Yes, Law of Attraction works. This is what happened with me!

  1. Hi Venkat, Thank you so much for writing such powerful words about me. You are so true, Energy is a medium and must be exchanged…I have learned a lot within these few months…Reading this post gives me lot of energy and zeal to stick to my words…Still there is long way to go for me, seeking for your guidance…As said everything is by god’s grace we are just mediator….Thank you so much once again!


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