Does law of attraction work? Part 2

Avi Peron Academy

In the first part, I have tried to silence the doubts about Law of attraction. Having read that, you will be glad to read in how to apply this wisdom to change the course of your life.

First let us understand what the law says

Thoughts become things
Like attracts like.

So if you read carefully, things stay simple for you.

The approach to law of attraction is as if a secret to shortcut to success has been told. So refrain yourself from fooling with that perception. Law of attraction is a path to success. And it surely has hard work included!

So coming to the question how to use this wisdom and attract what I want. The answer is simple. But there is a catch.

You see thoughts have mass –a highly tiny mass. When sufficient number of thoughts has been seen, these mass accumulate and give form to reality…

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