When should I have Sex Dad?

Avi Peron Academy

A young daughter asked her father and mother dad when can I have sex? Normally parents would be outraged for even asking such question. It would be considered culturally taboo to even raise that ‘stupid question’. The mother was terrified with her daughter asking. The father put his glasses down rubbed his eyes with his fingers and wore the glasses again. He say beside his daughter and asked do you love someone? The daughter replied no. But I would like to. When should I have sex with him?

Ok, sweetheart I shall tell you. Before that do you know how a tree grows?

Yes dad, replied the daughter. It takes lots of sunshine, ater from its roots and lots of years for a plant to become a tree. That s right dear, trees take lots of years to grow. When the plant dies, the roots do not. The roots still…

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