How to become manifestation Masters?

How to become manifestation Masters?

Law of attraction is presented as a technique or a tool to attract what we is presented as a secret that only few people have mastered and possessed to acquire abundance of wealth health fame and other good. so in picking up this wisdom this way, subconsciously few learners create a resistance towards successful manifestation. This further stops them to manifest successfully.

First let me get this straight. Law of attraction is not a technique or tool that you picked up from a book or a YouTube video or an article or a course or is a universal law. That means, it would work even if you had not known about had always been working and shall continue to work for ever more to come.

Laws simply work, they do not care about anybody’s opinion. They don’t care whether you believe it or not. They don’t even care whether you know them or not. So in reality, the law always works. And that means manifestation is always happening around you. it has always been happening and it shall continue to happen. So manifestation is always successful. However to make manifestations cause for your benefit is an art that you could master.

Every time you feel low about your life for a particular situation, you immediately start saying thank you. And you start by saying thank you because you have this problem in the first thanking your problem, by thanking the person who is troubling you, by thanking and negative or toxic person who is draining you, by thanking a difficult situation you are entering a zone of gratitude. See the law always sees this that universe is constantly working to make good things happen for that means the universe is willing to offer anything to keep you therefore all things that are sent in your way including the negative, the problems, the difficult and harsh things are actually being sent to cause happiness in your life.

So that’s okay if you are having a rough patch in your life. Because that is actually going to make you stronger and eventually happy and proud. Therefore we start thanking our problems, make sure that the next time if feeling low you start coming out of that situation by thanking for the very situation. And that’s how start making really really great progress in your life.

The manifestation Masters is no different from you and me. They just simply understand this that by allowing universe to step in their lives, they are accepting everything without complaining in their life. The manifestation Masters simply work their way out of problems happily and deep sense of gratitude. And by doing this constantly they understand this. That, if you start giving, if you start helping people, if you start giving love, help, money, time and every other resource that you already have; you are actually becoming one with the universal forces. You are operating as a part of this universal force now. So giving makes you ready to become an abundance masters. All the problems are being sent in your way so that you become a strong giver. Being a strong giver means becoming empty faster. The emptier you become the more you have room for abundance. That’s the secret of the abundance masters.

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