What is the other word for law of attraction?


Law of attraction is taught to us as a universal law. Now this universal law dictates how everything functions in the universe.in other words the forces that control the planets and keep them intact and revolving around are the same forces that is making you and me move. We all are operating under the same force that is helping us carry out our activities each day. And this also means that we are already under the influence of universal forces.

Understanding this fact helps you become aware of such forces and make a better course for your life. The power of law of attraction is it can help you attract anything you want. Now that includes all the gifts, blessings, problems, experiences-good or bad. It all depends on your ability to become aware and attract what you want.

So we’re trying to know what is the ‘other word’ that means law of attraction. The other word is called giving. Giving is equal to law of attraction. Law of attraction is essentially a force. Giving is an act and it requires a force.so when you give love, when you offer health, when you give encouragement, time, support, money, warm feelings-you are using certain force. This force is nothing but the same planetary forces that keeps the planets intact within the solar systems. By engaging yourself with the acts of giving, you are acting under the universal forces.

We all have something to give. We choose to thank for at least 10 gifts that we already have, it means we already have something to give. The design of universe is we possess the solution for others’ problems.so when you give you’re actually giving solutions for others’ problems. As you give you become empty. Because you’re empty now you can receive more. Therefore giving makes you ready to receive more. And other words, by participating in giving activities, you are becoming ready to receive abundance in your life. Therefore law of attraction has another meaning and it is called giving.

So if you are worrying or thinking about why the latest wisdom, the meditations, the visualizations and the newest exercises are not helping you-it is because you’re not giving. Become aware of this fact and become a strong giver. That’s how manifestation Masters think.

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Learners who understand Law of Attraction still make few mistakes. Law of Attraction always works. It is a law. We fail. Laws do not fail.

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