Why manifestation fails?

Avi Peron Academy

Most people would assume that law of attraction is about visualizing same things over and over again. Well it is true that thoughts attract what you see in your mind. However, there’s a tiny life hack that can change your manifestation ability.

In reality manifestation never fails. Manifestation is happening always. Just like how you succeed or fail is a direct result of your thoughts.so that means manifestation is always working. Yet we choose to call failures as manifestation is not working.so the title of this post itself is wrong. Because there is nothing like manifestation feeling-manifestation always works.

So what is the tiny life hack that I’m talking about can potentially change your ability to manifest successfully.it is called placing your hand on your heart.

Feelings are the real Masters for manifestation. When you feel a particular way, you are helplessly thinking thoughts in that direction only. For example…

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