What is religion?

Like most would come to believe Life is made of belief and feelings and emotions and expressions. So was I. However a realization dawned upon me that perhaps LIFE is made of time. Everything after all requires time. Love is everything. God is everything. Family is everything. Passion is everything. God, Love, parents, passion, profession or even more all require time. In fact all of these are included in our life. So in good essence, Life is made of time.

Habits are acts of repetitions. Now repetitions are recorded in your time. Habits give special power. They make us derive a special benefit of skill using which we can solve our problems or improve quality of our lives. With greater repetitions of this habit, more strengthening of this problem solving ability. So if you have more habits which you practice everyday the better is your quality of life as you are either improving the life quality or solving problems. Habits improve Life Quality. That means Habits affect time we live in as life is made of time. What habits improve about our lives is called Vitality.

So more habits equal more vitality meaning more ability to solve problems or improve quality of life. So in short Habits = Vitality = Quality = Solving problems.

What is religion?

So ancient men have understood the power of habits impacting the life. So they observed even more and documented the proofs of specific habits. If two or more habits were practiced everyday the vitality grew even much stronger. Now what would man come to do with this kind of increased vitality? Solve even more problems and improve quality of life. But with rigorous practicing of habits even more habits added life is now filled with over whelming vitality. So how to leverage that? Now man chooses to solve others problems and help even more people. The increased vitality of life gives him the strength to serve other better and even uplift them; it is like good habits done consistently helps to solve other people’s problems.

The ancient men realized the potent power of habits and observed that habits performed in consistency with natural events can help to develop a life code. A Life code helps to live life with most vitality possible thus creating the feeling of “A LIFE WELL LIVED”

This life code is what developed into RELIGIONS. Religions are codified habit systems that if followed lead to life of great vitality. The sutras and shastras of Hinduism, the suras of Islam, the verses of bible, the teachings of Buddha, the rituals of Torah, the practices of Taoism and all other religions are all life codes designed by wise and observing ancient men. Why? To help us with gain as much as vitality possible and live a life well lived.

Religions are designed to help us spend our Time in manner of increasing vitality. This vitality is so overwhelming that it adds great quality and ability to solve problems in our lives. Therefore the purpose of all religions is to help us become agents of service. Religions have also understood that not habits can be codified in just one system. Therefore all religions while the common message is universal love and faith in God, there are newer rituals and practices to learn from all religions. Now imagine a life lived practicing habits from various religions. The perspectives of life are so vividly different and a greater understanding is developed. Vitality added is diverse and is now capable of helping you become a Universal Problem Solver. I welcome all the readers to embrace all religions with grace. While fundamentally we may belong to a particular religion, embracing practitioners of other religions with grace is the secret to newer Vitality. Welcome To Humanity 2.0

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