How we develop Addiction?

What we must do at the right time at the right place whether we know it or not, like it or not, want it or not is called Accountability. Men and Women commit to their path of accountability. Duty, Love responsibility, habits are all included in the list of accountability. As individuals come to realize accountability they grow into adults. That is how men and women commit o serve for their loved ones. They do not care they can or not, they should or not, they simply do – without any expectation as it is accountability for them. Accountability can be truly draining. Staying committed that long makes people feel depleted as days go by. Since the energy depletion and mental vitality must be restored people participate in community rituals like group singing, dancing, sharing giving, family dinner time to community dinner time around bonfire and so on. However with pace of modern world such replenishing rituals have been forgotten. Hobbies, games and doing nothing are all kind of acts of replenishing the lost vitality during the working day.

Further progressing into time, intoxicating drinks, fighting entertainment, dance shows, smoking and other vices would come to take place of those replenishing activities. The point is replenishment is a source of getting back to what you were doing and helping you stay.

The more you work, the more the need for replenishment is established therefore creating a craving. Now, this craving is filled based on one’s influences. It could be mediation or intoxication. It could be smoking or reading books; it could be working out or puffing a dope. Now therefore to keep things going, men fall for any of this. Appreciating need of establishment will help you choose rightly like meditation, workouts, massage, giving, charity, fun, party rather than unhealthy choices which may keep you going today but cause you to suffer in the long run.

On the other hand, people who are not accountable in the first place or who hold themselves in high self esteem replace their accountability with a set of repetitive action which requires willpower to control. Now being vulnerable they fall prey to such vicious habits which therefore become bad habit eventually becoming a vice. So according to me those are two ways reason how addition is established. One as a need of replenishment the other as a replacement of accountability in individuals with low self esteem.

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