What has Law of Attraction got to do with Fitness

Law of attraction teaches us to love and give. The solution which you need lies with others. You can only solve your problems when you give solutions to others. You create a void in the universe as you give. Therefore the universe rushes to fill in that void with your solution. Thats how you will receive your own solution as other give too. But first, you start giving solutions to others by helping in any ways you can. To give and be received – this what it means like.

What has Law of Attraction got to do with fitness?

We all are sent here to give and you shall be blessed with what you want when you give it to others. Love and Help and Give and Share that’s the essence of law of attraction.

When you know x, you are only capable of giving x. But when you push yourself harder and learn a Y, you now become capable of helping others with a Y too. In learning Y you have come out of your previous comfort zone of X. As you keep pushing yourself harder you learn more and capable of giving more.

So summing the above two lessons, it emerges clear that the more you push harder the more you become capable of giving and therefore become in receipt of even more from the Universe. So the key question becomes how I can push myself harder each day. In doing what am I stepping out of my comfort zone THE MOST each day.

There are 2 answers to that question. But certainly the first answer helps you push harder. The first answer is “WORKING OUT”.

Yes, exercising makes you stringer and harder each day allowing to step out of your comfort zone. What you accomplish in 30 minutes by doing a workout is actually allowing to STEP OUT MAXIMUM every day. No other activity can push you that FAR in that less time. So to become universally compliant to receive more you must be MAXED OUT every day. This pushing of your physical limits is an unconscious act of facing your own fears fast. This makes you more experienced and fills you with wisdom that can be used to help others. The more you work out the more secrets of the universe you unlock even with your own conscious knowledge. Nothing can teach you much faster in such less time ach day than workouts.  It is like Workouts are “manifestation accelerators”. They speed up the process of lesson learning, helping others and receiving. This accelerated speed of this cycle is the secret of the millionaire minds.

While Life pushes you each day, but so hard in such less time belongs to the domain of fitness. Plus, staying fit makes you feel joy, fun, happy and energized through out the day. Now you guessed it right. We are talking about feelings right? What makes you feel happy will help you attract happy. Not just that FITNESS helps you to slow down time and have time for all things you love in life. You live the most out of each day. Got the Connection now? So wondering what the blockage in your way is. Most likely it is a MISSING workout. Ping me how to get started with FITNESS and ACCLERATING your Manifestation.

Second answer will be in my next post. Stay Tuned. Stay blessed.

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