What are the steps required to build and sustain a dream according to LOA?


First understand that thoughts manufacture your reality.

Two, in order to manufacture such quality thoughts which are in alignment with your manifestation, you must feel good first. This is the second part in manifestation process, thoughts leading to feelings. However, foe the LOA implementing process my advice is to with start with your feelings rather than correcting your thoughts. Why? Because feelings shall improve the quality of your thoughts positively even without your own knowledge.

Three, you realize by now that if you feel good, good thoughts occur naturally. To make you understand this better, just try this: “Stand Up where you are and shout “I am a Rock Star Genius”.

Did you do that? How does it feel? It feels great when you are feeling great. Now magically your thought quality improves because you feel better deep down. How we react to life is called attitude. Therefore a healthy and strong mental attitude shall create Fortitude for Quality thought.

Four, by now you come to realize that manifestation of thoughts was not part of the game from the beginning. In fact it is the process of Being in the right FEELING – is what Law of Attraction was all about. I am not implying you shall loose interest in manifesting your initial thoughts, but A bigger and higher realization will dawn upon you that, If you continue to FEEL good, you are automatically drawn towards the actual path and purpose of your life. This is called Destiny Tuning.

How Millionaires become philanthropists, how sudden drastic change of profession leads to closer meaning to life, how one small perspective drastically changes your life, how people words come to influence your life outcomes so profoundly, how miracle prayers work, how manifestation happens are all instances of this greater realization. Why such drastic choice, because you feel Good! Such choices make you stay in that feel Good State. That’s what drives you. You will come to discover your life’s true calling.

After these you are now tuned to your destiny. You are detached from your own initial goals. In fact just being so, helps you attract what you DESERVE, not what you WANT. By here, you will truly get how to live life by leveraging the law of Attraction wisdom. This shall be a profound moment of your life

Five, to sustain to be in that state of feeling good, you have to be in state of Love. This will occur to you. Being in love leads to celebration of life. A special kind of love which can only propel you to give, give and give. Share Joy, Give Humor, Offer help, Distribute resources, Give money, Serve, – this is what you life actions would be like chiefly. And now you have attained the path to divinity. This point helps you realize a spiritual awakening. Giving is Caring. Your purpose of learning this wisdom was to GIVE. Your destiny tuning to make you stay in that feeling good was meant to enable you GIVE more. In fact, you will clearly feel the connected patterns of life and comprehend consciously by now that “YOU ARE SENT HERE ON EARTH TO GIVE.

That my friend is how you will Leverage the wisdom of LOA to come closer to Life’s calling please understand, LOA is not a tool. It is a LAW. So asking how to USE it is a wrong question in the first place. Knowing how to LEVERAGE this wisdom and apply course correction of your life to come closer to its true purpose is what matters.

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