Does law of attraction work? Part 2

In the first part, I have tried to silence the doubts about Law of attraction. Having read that, you will be glad to read in how to apply this wisdom to change the course of your life.

First let us understand what the law says

Thoughts become things
Like attracts like.

So if you read carefully, things stay simple for you.

The approach to law of attraction is as if a secret to shortcut to success has been told. So refrain yourself from fooling with that perception. Law of attraction is a path to success. And it surely has hard work included!

So coming to the question how to use this wisdom and attract what I want. The answer is simple. But there is a catch.

You see thoughts have mass –a highly tiny mass. When sufficient number of thoughts has been seen, these mass accumulate and give form to reality. This is the science behind law of attraction. Thoughts become reality by giving form to an invisible formless substance. That is how your thoughts manifest your dreams, desires and wants into reality. Sounds good?

In familiarizing the wisdom of law of attraction, the leaners immediate course corrective action is to perceive good thoughts of attracting goals, dreams and desires. The teachers have emphasized the importance of thoughts in manifestation. However the message has been read the wrong way.

So naturally the goal setting process adopted by law of attraction practitioners would be see enough thoughts and manifest your dreams! Also they follow meditation and visualization techniques to aid them see more thoughts of their goals, dreams and desires manifesting into reality. Now this is all great and right. But the approach of a new leaner is wrong. Allow me to correct that and help you in manifestation.

You see your thoughts are responsible for your feelings. Feelings give rise to emotions and you act – take actions based on your emotions. Actions lead to results. This is called Thoughts-Feelings-Emotions-Actions-Results Cycle.

TFEAR cycle is the pathway to help you manifest your dreams into reality. The science of thoughts having mass and accumulate into reality is explained before. This wisdom helps to understand why thinking about past failures and worrying can actually manifest bad reality in our lives. In taking course correction we try to avoid bad thoughts, understand the importance of thoughts and start using techniques, tactics and practices like mediation, visualization and affirmations to help manifest good.

This is the ideal pathway of a law of attraction leaner. They start seeing thoughts of manifestation. They are hoping results since they are following the TFEAR cycle.

This is wrong!

Why? While the manifestation order is Thoughts-Feelings-Emotions-Actions and results is correct, the application order is a bit different. Instead it looks like,


My point is thoughts are significant in the TFEAR are process and most leaners start from there. That is right, but the starting approach is wrong. I urge to start from feelings.

So what are feelings? We remember not what people say or what we learn. In fact we remember what we feel – how people makes u feel? How this movie makes us feel? How this place makes us feel? How this person’s behavior makes us feel? Felling is memory. Feeling helps to remember – both good or bad.


Now ideally we are seeing thoughts in our minds based on our feelings. That’s the catch you have been missing. If you are feeling bad, your memory has recorded bad experiences and generates more thoughts in that direction. Your emotions and actions are now dictated in bad mood and you therefore get bad results.

So you may be visualizing tons of thoughts about your manifestation but perhaps you are not really feeling right. And you wonder why Law of attraction is not working. Because you are feeling bad as you ask and universe answers bad, not what you ask! You get that?

So the trick here is not to see “n” number of thoughts. Just think about it. Have things not manifested in your life before your “Visualizations and Meditation Exercises of Law of attraction? I am not critical of these methods. In fact I personally  use the, They are aids not the means. Your feelings are your true means to manifestation.

Things happen in our lives because of the way we feel. Feelings control our memory and memory is nothing but active repetition of thoughts. Good feelings = Good Thoughts. Bad feelings = bad thoughts.

Now let us read the first statements about law of attraction again.

Thoughts become things.

True. TFEAR is valid. But my proposition is start with feelings. Not thoughts. Perhaps this is where you are getting it wrong.


In my next part of this blog, I shall help you with tactics on how to feel the right way so that you manifest effortlessly.

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