How to make ‘change’ more acceptable?

So now that we understand change is inevitable and necessary means to grow, how to cope up with the change forms the interesting discussion. Change is discomfort. First one must accept that. Two, since it is discomfort and when we accept to adopt change, you are committing to yourself that you will go into the new territory stepping up from your comfort zone. Now that’s an act of courage. So basically it sums up that change adoption is a process of courage.

So how to make change more acceptable? One must learn to become courageous faster to adapt faster. The secret tactic is ‘learning’. As you learn, you shall gain newer perspectives which shall help you go out into that new territory and face the world – thus expanding your limits. So learning itself is an act of courage. As Robin says by committing to learning each day, you are committing to excellence. By excellence I mean massive courage. By learning something new reach day change becomes easy.

Read a book or subscribe to a YouTube channel or take up a video course or have an intellectual friend or community for discussion.


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