Does law of attraction work?

Law of attraction is a law. A law that says that like attracts like. And to understand that meaning let me offer you a paradox.

Trees give fruits. Fruits serve as food to animals. Animals serve as food to humans. Humans putrefy and become one with trees again upon death. In similar vein, all things moving and non living are connected although the connection may be comprehensible limited to human cognition and understanding.

Now in the example of chain of connections above, if sun did not offer sunlight this connections and chain of events would exist at all. So earth and sun system – the solar system – the galactic sustenance of starts and their planets are all connected. Just like how we are connected to sun – on a broader level you are connected to all Celestial objects in the universe.

When we read the word universe we usually fail to include ourselves. You are the universe. You are one. You are connected. You are there because how the law of gravitation had held up the entire universe together. So is the law of attraction a manifestation of law of gravitation. How mere existence of sun could provoke life on earth. The sun is responsible for your existence. But the sun itself exists because of held by gravitational forces of other Celestial bodies in the milky way. The milky way exists because of its connection with the other galaxies. In short you are always connected with the universe. You can communicate with the universe and get what you want.

Our ability to think is the language of universe. Universe speaks in the language of your thinking. Earth and its components living and non living exist because gravitational force between the sun and the earth. Very exactly you are here because of the result of this attraction. Attraction process of your thoughts – which is nothing but law of attraction – is a manifestation of law of gravitation itself.

Again law of attraction is presented as ‘thoughts become things’ and ‘like attracts like’. Now when readers encounter this wisdom for the first time either by the book secret,  or Internet, or video or from trainers – the instant approach is to treat it as a tool. Thereafter it goes like, “Now with this new discovered tool,  let me start creating my own destiny, let me start getting what i want, let me get what I desire.” And you know what eventually you fail in attracting the stuff you needed and guess what you are disappointed! Worse – you quit believing in your new tool!

So, to correct this instant reaction to this new found wisdom, let me offer a paradox. Before Mount Everest was discovered which was the highest mountain peak in the world? The answer is still Mount Everest. It is only that humans stumbled upon this discovery. The Mount had always been existing. Now whether humans never came to find out or not – the truth is Mount everest is the highest peak nevertheless. Period.

The approach to law of Attraction is to use it as a tool. ‘ I found this today in this book or video or from trainer – let me start applying it and attract what I want’. Not only have you failed in understanding law of attraction but you also end up proving to yourself that you are selfish. And the frustration comes out as –  loa is bullshit!

Now my stand is very clear here. Law of Attraction is not a tool – it’s a law. Just like in the Everest paradox, it did not matter you believe it or not. It’s not about ‘let me start applying law of attraction today’. Isn’t the law clearly stating that – you attract what you think – it does not say you attract what you think after you read the book The Secret! Do you see my point now. Law of attraction had been operational since the inception of Universe itself. Our Universe is governed by these laws. They work. They do not care your opinion. They would have continued to work even if Rhonda Byrne had not written the book. Got it?

So the question remains – how do I stay in alignment with this Universal Law and attract what I want. Stay tuned for second part of this blog.

Thanks. Peace Out.


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