How to help people and make money. Part 2

How to help people and make money. Part 2

Since this is topic with greater value  I needed to break it down in two parts. So, moving on I am going to outline steps that can help you get started on the expert industry.

#1 What topic can be I can be an expert on?
You choose the topic that matches your expert domain and Start developing content in ways that can help your audience.

#2 Audience Finder
You will find the audience that would most likely benefit from training on a topic like yours. Remember you must describe your audience. If you cannot describe your audience well, you cannot sell them. You should find your audience better.

#3 Knowing customers problems –  customer insight formula
After zeroing in on your most likely audience you will decide what would it take to double their business or happiness or success or  any other life category value. If your information product can help them see that kind of results, then yes you can sell them because it is valuable.

#4 Solving customers problems
If you understand the steps your audience often misses when trying to achieve their goals that is good information product opportunity. If you could slip a step by step plan then you could potentially sell!

#5 Five Modalities

Understand your audience would like to consume your content in five modalities
Read : book, e book, blog, articles, white papers
Listen: audio programs, podcasts, interviews
Watch: video courses, interviews, webinars, live shows, workshops
Experience: a live event, seminar, workshop
Become MasterMind Learner: seek higher advice, require your consultancy advice.

#6 Product modalities
Develop your products in easy that can help my customers to achieve results. Your information should help them move from point A, just beginning, to point B, arriving at their destination. You can develop your product outline by writing the steps for your product plan and promotional plan.

#7 Website questions

You must have a website. A must. It is cheaper these days to have a website. Remember the point is to have an online destination where, the value and information you would want to provide to your visitors are clearly mentioned. Provide freebies like ebooks, audio downloads, education stuff, free report, free video training, free something.

Plus, the basic idea is to collect contact information when they arrive at your credible online office (your website I mean). So you give them freebies in exchange for their contact information. Once you have the data you can design your promotional campaign around it.

#8 Posting free content

For ideas on free content that you can give away on form of ebook, videos of audio downloads you could use these :

1. Ten short articles I could write and post on my blog include topics such as…
2. Ten short videos I could create and post to YouTube could cover topics such as…
3. The “biggest idea” I have for my customers that I should now share for free via video or articles online is…
4. The keywords I want to emphasize in my article and video posts so that they are optimized to get good search engine results include key phrases such as…
5. When I put all this free content online, my goal is for the customer to read, hear, or watch

#9 Campaigning questions

Remember the data we collected from the website. You will design your campaign using this data.

The logic of expert industry is simple. Give them free training. Ask them to pay you for better leaving stuff that you have. Say you provide a free 1hr training and ask them to buy a week long or 30 day workshop or course or live event tickets. If your free training was that valuable, they could imagine what value you could add to their lives with a paid and longer training. You see the complete picture now? Free valuable training + paid longer training = expert industry.

You can use the contact information you obtained from the website to design your potential campaign. The purpose of the potential Campaign is to send them your free resources using the information you collected. Start filling these steps :

1. To add value to people before I sell to them, I can send them a few free content pieces like…
2. The first product I want to market to my customers is…
3. The reason people should buy this product is because it helps them…
4. This product ultimately gives customers the following benefits in their life…
5. The reason this product is different from others out there is…
6. The reasons I know this product gets results for people is that it…
7. The reason the price point of this product is fantastic is…
8. To pay the price point of this product, people must believe that…
Post free content

Finally #10

Understand the fact that I have shared a powerful Internet millionaires secret with you. Now for that to work you need to remember three words – value, value and value. You got to provide become value to your audience with the information products you have developed. To develop products that can add value to the products that you would develop you could get a perspective or few by answering these questions. Again write them on a part for Better clarity.

1.  What makes me distinct in this industry is that I…
2. The reason I am committed to being excellent in everything I do is…
3. The reason I am doing this work in the first place is

This completes your steps.

Now I understand that this is business model and is steps that I have shared with you. You as a reader still have many questions. And by now I am sure most of those questions are around ‘product development’.

So IF YOU REALLY WANT TO MAKE IT BIG, I welcome you to join me on my ‘Developing Power Products for Expert industry’ workshop. Here I will personally coach you to
# develop your information product
# develop relevant promotional material
# design your website
# build you a database of customers
# design your email marketing campaign
# branding your services
# create an online store front
# create a world class customer service system
# create customer engagement practices
# create cross marketing strategies
# give more free value to existing customers
# making customer become your ‘brand Ambassador’
# in short help you become an expert in your own domain and keep you make great business out of it.

To grab this resourceful workshop, which will be held in Hyderabad on February 2015, you would be required to enroll beforehand.

Now if you notice, I have shared the secrets of Internet millionaires with you for free, including a step wise plan. I am offering you to buy a workshop of even greater value. You see what I am doing? I am walking the talk. I am providing value and making business. Simple.

If you want to be part of expert industry and make money online by doing what you love and helping people then this workshop is for you. If you wondering how to develop the purification for your business, that’s what’s! Expertise can help you.

Reach out to me for registration details and more freebies. And yes that’s is a reward for referring this workshop to your friends and family members. So get started. Do different things in life to see greater results. Thanks for reading to the end. I wish you good luck on a path to prosperity, joy and abundance.

Yours truly,
Trainer Venkat.

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