How to help People and Become Rich

How to help People and Become Rich

There’s is a new industry that is helping passionate people make business. This industry is called the expert industry. Expert does not mean a Ph. D Degree or rock solid success story. Expert here refers to the ability of you to help people with information, content and experience that you got already. Remember everybody has got a story to tell, a lesson to teach and wisdom to share. You become an expert in a certain field even without your own knowledge because you have been spending considerable time doing this. Therefore you have a credible amount of knowledge in that field. This is called accidental expertise. Hence you are an expert. Imagine, you or your friend today helping people with information on how to buy a house, or is good in teaching how to deal with relationship advice, or may be how to write a book, or how to take care of kids or how to teach kids good manners – I mean everybody has got a unique story to tell about this experience. How to teach your dog to do potty, how to organize the kitchen, how to run a family, how to become punctual, how to manage money, How to start a business, how to negotiate – we all have something to share with the world in our own unique way. You could offer people archive on any of these areas of life in your own manner and relevant to your experience.

  • Motivation Advice
  • Leadership Advice
  • Financial Advice
  • Business Advice
  • Marketing Advice
  • Relationship Advice
  • Spiritual Advice
  • Style Advice
  • Productivity Advice

This is called the expert industry. This is how passionate people who are genuinely interested in making a difference to people’s lives have become Internet millionaires. Bernard Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Brian Tracy,  Louise Hay,  Harv Eker,  Zig Ziglar,  Jim Rohn,  Tony Robins, the famous others have all been excellent experts. Just because they shared the information their lives taught them in a meaningful and helpful way to people. When people see truth, credibility and potential to change their lives with your products of life experience they would love to learn from you. Or even likely buy from you. That’s how expert industry is full of folks who come from humble middle class background yet are Internet millionaires today. They help people genuinely with their knowledge products. You can too. Everyone wants to make a difference and make an income as an advice guru and expert, but few will ever do the work of sitting down and creating the how-to program or system to sell to their audience. They never write the book, craft the speech, create the seminar, set up a coaching program, or shoot the videos for their online training course. If you want to be part of this exciting industry, want to make money by helping people and doing and living your passion expert industry is the easy to go. Remember hardwork, transparency, honesty, credibility of service and genuine will to help people are good virtues and yes they can help you to make money too. Don’t waste your potential. You may start with asking these questions. Five things I have learned about motivating myself and achieving my dreams are… Five things I have learned about leading others and being a good team player are… Five things I have learned about managing money are… Five things I have learned about having a successful business are… Five things I have learned about marketing a product or brand are… Five things I have learned about being a good partner in an intimate relationship are… Five things I have learned about spirituality or connecting with a higher power are… No Five things I have learned about home decorating/fashion/organizing are… Five things I have learned about managing my life and being effective are… These questions may be answer on a paper. The question that gets more answers here is your Expert area. Soon you will release how you have information on topics that you can already teach people. With right content, presentation, genuine will to help people and right knowledge of expert industry practices to succeed you can become part of this expert industry and become a Millionaire. Now if you are interested, start with answering those 9 questions I have mentioned earlier. Or if you are wondering why people will listen to me I am not an expert or I don’t know what to write on…. Well I have something interesting to share…… Who did you go to when you were hurt in your younger days? To your mother or a doctor? We took advice from our mother although we knew she was not a doctor. Similarly people will but advice from you.  Not because whether you are an expert or not but because they trust you. In expert industry there are three kinds of experts. #1 Experts who deliver results – The Results Expert These are our experiences and skill that we can teach like, how to speak English, how to crack an interview, how to become a good cook, how to dress professionally, how to speak in public and other such. These are skills that deliver results. As I mentioned before tying shoelaces may seem difficult to a child but they are amazed when that look at an adult who does that effortlessly. This is accidental expertise. You already have a skill (like that adult). You already have buyers (like that child) who are amazed to see you in action. You need to contact them with right helpful information and sell your Information Products that can help them. They will pay you for your services of you could help then with the information they need to solve their problem – in this case how to tie a shoe lace easily and effortlessly. Similarly there are many life areas that you are anyway good at (remember accidental expertise) that others are not so good at and are willing to learn from people like you who are already doing well in those areas. If you can deliver the results they want – you are anyway an expert. Plus, you get paid. # 2 The Research Expert Imagine somebody wants to lose weight. Well they go to you or a fitness trainer with ripped body and six pack? Obviously it would be the trainer right. Because a trainer is a “Results Expert”. But I am going to share a new expert concept here – the research expert If you have learnt from fitness experts, interviewed lots of trainers and have tons of information on weight loss and have a created an “ready to do weight loss” step-by-step program that can work for anybody looking for weight loss, don’t you think people will buy that product from you? Because you are providing them with information that can deliver results although you are not an results expert. But still your system and information product can still deliver the result. It is like the coach of a Football Super Star need not be a Football Superstar himself – he just needs to be a coach providing the right information, guidance and support to make an athlete become Football Superstar. You see my point. As long as you help people with results – either with information that can get results (research) or results themselves (results) – you are an expert. You get paid for your “step by step system” that is ready to do to get desired results. And finally #3 role model. Just like in the mother vs. Doctor example, people will go to people they trust for advice. So if you are helping people with information products that can help them, you become role model. If you are being approached by people for advice, cash in on that opportunity. People look up to you as role models when you are in a position to help them. They start taking your advice and bring in more friends and family members to listen to your advice. You are not an expert anymore; you are an excellent help provider. You are “The Role Model” now. So there’s no excuse that you are not an expert. By accidental expertise you are already an expert in any life category. Start with the 9 questions I mentioned earlier. Figure out your Expert Area. You will get your answer on what kind of expert you already are. And later I shall share how you can develop your own products that can be sold to help people and make income too. Until then you may share your thoughts on this below. Peace out

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