Love Failure and Nation Building

Love Failure and Nation Building

Love is the most powerful emotion we could experience. With love Springs all the other fine emotions. And absence of love leads to the other bad emotions. Why does love affect us so much of all other feelings . Perhaps it’s the mother of all emotions. Or may be that’s our natural state, but we fail to see it.

We were all sent to love each other. In gradual progress of life we forget this, and start developing distance. Love has many languages. Service, care, empathy, kindness, affection, prayers, gifts, greetings, nice words, blessings are all feelings emanating from the mother feeling of love.

So how to love when the mean world we are in is constantly putting us off? This is the test for love. Can you remain the same person in love that you are meant to be. Even things are off side. When you could maintain the same unconditional love, being in the same natural state of joy withstanding all odds and hope for the best to come – you become a better person. This person can make things that impact the world, shake it and change it forever. This person is you-the one reading this.

The secret to being happy is to keep loving the same you started loving. No matter what goes, how things change, how good or bad things go, that’s how life is. Love the way you did on day #1. But with changing circumstances and growing problems, living the same way become difficult. Still got keep going. Then something magical happens – you grow, in life.

When you grow, you are now in a position to uplift people around you. Help them come to state of joy and help them teach their natural state of happiness. You love someone unconditionally enough that you can stay sharing the same love. That’s power of love. Infect people with love to have a better world around you.

Since the test of life is all a secret. When you learn to love when things are good or bad, but still as the way you did on day #1; when you can be in love with that person or without that person, then you would come to pass this test of love. The second part, to remain in love even when the person is absent in life is the most trying and difficult part. Yet, when you complete this test successfully, you will have found love that shall never leave you. That’s the love towards people you love with around you – the world.

So my friend, love failure is a way to teach you second part of this lesson. Can you all be in love even without that person. This can only happen when you are spreading love. That’s how leaders are born. Leaders who truly care people’s well being. They genuinely care. They are there simply to help you – that’s it.

So love today, succeed or not, still be in love, your nations needs you. This world needs the leader inside you. Love, be loved, Stay in love and stay loved. Remember you are here to love . Your purpose is to change this world – the loving way.

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