Resource management and becoming rich

People in different capacities of life roles use resources ran going from natural to artificial. These resources help in achieving or objectives artificial ranging from personal to professional ones. Yet material mismanagement is what costs the world so much. It is ultimately the mother Earth that pays the price and we end up living in uninhabitable environments. How can data analytics helps us manage natural resources like water, breathing air, sunlight to create efficient society designing and sunlight living economy models. That questions if answered diligently can solve the problem of material management.

Think about this, we no longer live in age where materials are in scarcity. Even if they are imposing and prediction technologies can really compensate for that. So that means materials or resources needed are bountiful available in nature. But, we are facing a material delivery problem not availability ones like in earlier decades. Data analytics can help in resource matching in such cases. These would help in further making things better for the citizens living in societies. How a colony subscribing to solar powered streetlights to how water spillage to water sewage problems can be efficiently solved. Such is the power of data analytics that it can even help water scarcity areas to have these resources available. Servers can come up with solutions in just under milliseconds for common man’s resource problems.

Wealth creation is an art. An art managed well can lead to abundance, prosperity and life lasting vitality. The secret to generate million dollar ideas every 5 seconds is least discussed theory in wealth management discussions. Becoming rich is a process of helping others come out of their problems for a profit. The more people got serve, the more richer you become. Therefore the secret to million dollar ideas generation every 5 seconds is to look around for common man’s problems. We got millions of them. Solve them with innovation, service economies run. Scale up this model. That’s how businesses are built. That’s how service exhibits run. That’s how world is becoming a better place.

Data analysis would help us detect the underlying causes for material management problems. Problems are all there yet with analytics the solutions can be deciphered too. If we all can crack this code we would have a society of diligent individuals who serve each other for profit – bringing ‘no government needed’ adage to popularity. That’s a good material management strategy. Think about it.

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