Data Analysis

Life as it purposes into a new scorn toxic age where science is transiting into new art. The art of data Analysis. The next big revolution succeeding industrial revolution and scientific revolution would be big data and is analysis. Mankind would find breakthrough innovations and implications that could serve all species on this planet to create a better place not just for his own rec e but for other species too.

Data Analysis

Big Data helps to fill those unseen and unforseen gaps of service fulfilment, innovation service delivery and helps us see potential of resources in ways not possible with traditional logistical intelligence.  Such implications can helps us to create smarter cities, smarter governance, better business intelligence,  customer service, education tracking abilities and further more even better relationships since now you would have better data to back you up to take right actions and make wiser choices.  Welcome to the new age where data will help one to understand how good can Corruption reveal areas of enhanced Governance and newer service models.

We would soon transcend to  a age where political nexus between politicians and businessman would not result in scams looting public tax money ,but rather create an accountability service delivery model that would help to create better societies with free,  competent education and training practices,  free healthcare, transparent governance with service level agreements all of which is backed by public accountability.

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