Certification for Jobs in today’s world

Certifications as a proof of professional competence has been the norm since the Institution of Education system. As noted educations Sir Ken Robinson describes, education system was modeled around industries of Victorian era. Uniforms, classification of pupils based on year of birth, ringing bells periodically,  an instructive teacher separated by a distance confined to tools of black board and chalk pieces- are all the processes modeled around the steps installed in industries of industrial revolution.  To validate this we have a process of certification which would verify that best product (not student or learner or competent individuals) would qualify for jobs or pupils who have demonstrated compliance to this structured system of institutional education.

Certification for Jobs in today’s world

Things are changing and we are rapidly preparing to enter a new age of digital learning, massive online open courses and freedom in education acquiring using the Internet. Acquiring decent to professional job competencies need not be at the mercy of educational loans, institutions of education or even worse Certifications or semester fees anymore. We have ushered in an age where gaining competencies is just one – click away.  No matter what level you want to get started with, beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert or even higher, there are sources that can help you get trained.

Not just that, you have dedicated communities that can actually help make better learning societies come together and create a knowledgeable banks of self educated competent individuals who would come to prove  as indispensable assets to the society, organisation and country as a whole. In advancement towards this society we shall have created country that has better governance, free education and healthcare and a massive growth in individual entrepreneurs who aggressively solve citizen’s problems for a sizeable profit. Yes, we would move into an age where citing system of voting a public servant becomes obsolete and individuals with high degree of innovation, competence and entrepreneurship would solve real world problems rather than debated policies in parliaments. All of this would be enabled by data science and good will of learned men and women who would come to create better societies. Welcome to data revolution.

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